Clean Teeth in 10 Seconds

With a clever mouthpiece and sonic vibration, the Y-brush electric toothbrush ensures full-tooth coverage for a better clean.

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Take Back Your Morning Routine.

Brush all of your teeth in 10 seconds at your comfort level with a form-fitting electric toothbrush.

Efficient Brushing

Introducing the Bass brushing method, perfected. With its fine, Nylon bristles, Y-brush cleans each of your teeth for 4 times longer than the recommended amount in 10 seconds.

Comfortable Design

Choose the way you brush. The mouthpiece focuses on one side of your mouth at time, making it small and comfortable. Available in 3 sizes, you'll want the whole family brushing with Y-Brush.

Three Modes

Not all teeth and gums are the same. Customize your clean with three sonic modes for low, medium and high vibrations depending on your dental care needs. Even at it's highest setting, the battery lasts a month.

Speed Up Your Day with Efficient Brushing

Your oral care routine is now easier than ever with Y-Brush.

Clean Your Teeth With A New Level of Performance.

Face it, your current brushing routine takes forever. Dentists recommend brushing those pearly whites for at least 2 minutes using the Bass Method. You have to focus on each side of your tooth and brush a particular way. With 3 sides for each tooth, and 32 teeth in your mouth, there's a lot of room for error.

Y-Brush’s unique mouthpiece brushes each facet of every tooth at the same time, giving you 4 times the cleaning power, all while mimicking the Bass Method. Brush the top and bottom rows of your teeth in 10 seconds.

Have The Whole Family Smile More

Y-Brush’s comfortable design focuses on one half of your mouth at a time. The mouthpiece comes in 3 different sizes so that everyone in the family can get a better clean. We kept it lined with Nylon bristles, which removes more plaque than any other material, to make sure your teeth get the best brushing experience possible. With different sonic vibration settings, the electric toothbrush can handle sensitive mouths.

Easy to clean and easy to use, Y-Brush will have the whole family wanting to show off their grins.

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Y-Brush Tech Specs

Y-Brush gives you an ingenious way to take your oral care routine to the next level.

Clean Teeth in 10 Seconds

Use the dentist recommended Bass brushing method on all your teeth at once.

Antibacterial and Waterproof

Y-Brush is easy to clean. Rinse under running water, and you’re done.

Comfortable Mouthpiece

Available in 3 sizes, our mouthpiece is lined with Nylon Bristles to remove more plaque.

3 Modes of Sonic Vibration

Y-Brush has you covered: from sensitive gums to popcorn stuck from the movies.

Use Your Own Toothpaste

Use the brands you love. Our applicator doesn’t require a specific kind and evenly distributes.

Wireless Charging

Y-Brush’s battery holds a full month’s brushing in one charge. When needed, charge on its wireless dock.

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Fun for the Whole Family

Our handsfree design makes it easy for everyone in the family to get involved.

Cleaner Teeth

Brush all 96 facets of your teeth in 10 seconds with the Bass method.

Safe To Use

Multiple modes of sonic vibration and easy to clean antibacterial material.

Ready for Travel

With a battery that holds a month of brushing, take Y-Brush with you.

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