The future of
auto-cleaning toothbrushes.

Y-Brush automatically deep cleans your teeth consistently the way dentists recommend and in just 10 seconds.

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Y-Brush: The 10-Second Deep Cleaning Toothbrush Lyon, France With a clever mouthpiece and sonic vibration, the Y-Brush electric toothbrush ensures full-tooth coverage for a better, faster clean.
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The Future of Cleaner Teeth

Y-Brush has been meticulously engineered by dentists to create an effortless and consistent deep cleaning for your teeth and gums.


Y-Brush is Dentist Preferred

Replicates the recommended ‘Bass Method’ of technique of teeth cleaning.

Effortless Automatic Cleaning

Consistently cleans your teeth the way they should be in 10 seconds flat.

Deeper Cleaning in Seconds

onic vibrations power specialized nylon bristles to clean deep under your gums.

Gentler Teeth Cleaning

Eliminates hard manual scrubbing the leading cause of receding gums and disease.

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