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Indiegogo Quadcopter Crowdfunding Campaign

Micro Drone 4.0 — A Smart Camera Drone for Under $200

Extreme Fliers breakthrough in quadcopter camera technology captures captures video like a professional Drone for under $200.

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Best Reviewed Gas Powered Bike Kit

Phatmoto — Motorized Gas Powered Hybrid Bicycle

Affordable all-in-one pre-assembled motorized bicycle that eliminates the complexities with DIY conversion kits.

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Assemblage — Modular Tech Hub for Home, Work, or Travel

Interchangeable modules work independently or custom stacked with smart assistant, video projector , 360 HD speakers, and more.

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Debussy Streaming Headphones

Debussy Audio — Connected Audiophile HD Headphones

Standalone 4G LTE and Wifi audiophile headphones with digital touchscreen for streaming music services control.

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BW Space — Underwater ROV Drone by Youcan Robot

Anyone can capture stunning photo and video at depths of 100 meters with smart underwater drone technologies.

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Micro Drone 3.0 — A Fun and Affordable Quadcopter

Easily convert from beginner to advanced with modular components for home videos or First Person Drone Racing and more.

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