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Spatial — Multiplayer Holographic Tabletop Gaming

Traditional tabletop games meets digital hologram gameplay using real board game pieces and interactive gaming joypad.

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Debussy Audio — Connected Audiophile HD Headphones

Standalone 4G LTE and Wifi audiophile headphones with digital touchscreen for streaming music services control.

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Deeno-saur Kid's Electric Toothbrush & Gaming App

Deeno-saur Toothbrush & App rewards kids with in-game credits for effective brushing and overall dental hygiene.

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BW Space — Underwater ROV Drone by Youcan Robot

Anyone can capture stunning photo and video at depths of 100 meters with smart underwater drone technologies.

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Y-Brush — Auto-Cleaning Electric Toothbrush

Automatically deep clean your teeth and under the gum line in just 10 seconds, the way dentists recommend.

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Furbo — Interactive Treat Tossing Dog Camera

Working with veterinarians and dog trainers, Furbo is designed to train, comfort, and reward dogs when they're home alone.

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