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Orthopedic Heating Foam Massage Roller by HotRock

Hot Rock — High Heat Orthopedic Foam Roller

Designed by Sports Physical Therapist, Tony Rocklin, PT, DPT, HotRock is the only electric heat roller to get hot and stay hot.

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Zero Markup Vitamin Membership

HŌM-ECO — Affordable Direct Vitamin Membership

Hom-Eco's health and wellness membership has zero markups and passes the savings on vitamins and supplement on to you.

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Tactigon — Wearable Gesture & Motion Controller

Programmable Arduino wearable for robots, PC games, VR/AR, computers, 3D printers, drones, apps, etc with hand movements.

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Teatis Tea — Hand-Picked Arame Seaweed Tea

Teatis Tea combines a superfood blend of seaweed with great flavors in a quick to make powder to enjoy hot or cold.

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Triple Bristle Max — Three Sided Sonic Toothbrush

Get a satisfying deep clean with sonic vibration and patented three-sided brush head that cleans all three sides of your tooth

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Sud Stud: Coming Soon to

Sud Stud — Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber

A unique honeycomb design offers deep exfoliation while generating more suds saving up to 85% of soap.

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Grayns: Coming Soon to

Grayns — The Healthiest Rice & Pasta Cooker

An intelligent rice cooker that effortlessly removes excess carbohydrates, starch, and sugar from rice or pasta at home.

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Micro Drone 4.0 — A Smart Camera Drone for Under $200

Extreme Fliers breakthrough in quadcopter camera technology captures captures video like a professional Drone for under $200.

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