Automatic Healthy Rice Cooker for Home

Healthier Food, Automatically.

Grayns™ is the first and only rice cooker that removes excess, unhealthy sugars from rice and starchy foods like potatoes, pasta, rice, and grains when it is cooked.

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Cross Section of Intelligent Home Rice Machine

Effortlessly Remove Unhealthy Starch From Any Food

Grayns is an innovation in the way food is prepared and consumed, addressing the ever-growing need for a more healthy and convenient lifestyle.

Rice cooker removes starch, sugar, carbs

Healthier Cooked Foods, Automatically

Grayns technology automatically 'senses' the optimum cooking settings for different varieties of rice to safely drain away unhealthy starches, calories, and sugars.

Grayns Perfect Auto Rice Cooker for Home

Delicious, Precision Controlled Cooking

Grayns microprocessor and Sensomatic technology provides accurate heat sensing that enables the whole process of cooking a variety of sugar-reduced rice effectively.

Perfect rice cooker for any starch heavy foods

Rice, Noodles, Pasta, Potatoes, Etc.

Grayns enhances its functionality by the ability to cook a healthier twist on other starch heavy foods other than rice that conventional rice cookers cannot.

See How Grayns Rice Cooker Makes Food Healthier

Intelligent 4-stage cooking process optimizes temperatures, moisture, and time to ensure unhealthy Rapidly Digested Starch (RDS) content is discarded.

Rice Gelatinization Temperature and RDS Removal

Optimal Water Heating and Rice Cooking by Grayns

Grayns removes yellowness of rice caused by high glycemic indexes of standard cookers.

Stage One: Thermosense — Slowly gelatinizes rice at precise temperatures to release unhealthy Rapidly Digested Starch into water while retaining nutrients.

Stage Two: Debond — Holds the optimal gelatinization temperature, compelling most of the unhealthy Rapidly Digested Starch out of the rice.

Grayns Rice: Unhealthy Starch-Rich Water Removal

Optimal Drainage and Demoisturization by Grayns

Grayns cooked rice lasts 5 days longer from RDS removal which ferments in less than 24 hours.

Stage Three: Transude — Unhealthy Rapidly Digested Starch is transuded through rice to be drained away into the Grayns starch collection tray underneath.

Stage Four: Demoisturize — Finally, Grayns demoisturizes the excess healthy water from the healthy cooked rice to make it fluffy and delicious.

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Starch-Free Home Cooker Technical Specs

It doesn’t matter what type of rice you’re cooking because Grayns sensomatic technology detects the type and cooks at just the right temperature.

Grayns Results

Test reports 35% reduction in Glycemic Load on Grayns cooked rice versus a standard cooker.

Grayns Materials

Cooking container, strainer basket, and inner lid are composed of Food-Grade Stainless Steel.

Grayns Capacity

Rice 0.5 ~ 4 cups, Water 3.3L, Dimensions: Width 11.90" Length 12" Height 11.70", Weight 160 ounces

  • Drain Rice Water Healthy Lower GI Glycemic Index
Grayns Cooking

Intelligent 4-Stage cooking process automatically detects and cooks a variety of rice types in under 1 hour.

Grayns Power

Supply: AC220 – 240V ~ 50Hz or AC100 – 120V ~ 60 Hz 550W, Consumption: 50W Standby Mode 3.5W

Grayns Components

Includes: Scoop and Measurer. Electronics: Touchscreen, Timer, Microprocessor

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Grayns rice is low in RDS content

Grayns Rice Color Test

Grayns rice is white, low in RDS content, and high in slowly digestible starch.
blood glucose reading after consuming rice

Grayns Rice GI Blood Test

Grayns cooked rice is 30-35% lower on Glycemic Index so glucose never spikes.
Testing Grayns Rapidly Digested Starch

Grayns Rice Energy Burst Test

Conventional-cooked rice's starch is rapidly digested into bloodstream quickly.
Testing Grayns rice to Conventionally-Cooked Rice

Grayns Rice Longevity Test

Leave rice at room temp for 5 days and it’s good to eat due to RDS content.
Cross Section of Intelligent Home Rice Machine

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