Arduino-Powered Wearable Gesture Controller

T-Skin is a natural extension of your hand allowing you to interact and control anything from computers, robotics, drones, AR/VR and more.

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Gesture Control With Unlimited Possibilities.

Explore limitless ways to control computers, robotics, and drones in realtime with robust motion tracking hardware.

Limitless Real-World Application

With over 50 apps available through our free Sketch Arena, use the Tactigon T-Skin for work or play! Current apps allow you to control robotic arms, fly quadcopters with a gesture or interact with powerpoints and 3D models like never before. Even upload your own apps for others.

Intelligent Responsive Hardware

A sleek ergonomic design houses a number of complex components to track movements and gesture. The internal Gyroscope and Accelerometer track position and direction of movement while the artificial intelligence in T-Skin communicates the movements into directions/controls to your devices.

Arduino Programmability

Perfect for expert developers or those just learning to code, the Tactigon works with the Arduino IDE to be able to write your own apps and functions. With 4 programmable keys, and an internal artificial intelligence algorithm capturing movement, explore new ways to control your favorite devices.

See Some of Our Ready-To-Use Apps In Action

Watch the videos below to see the Tactigon T-Skin be used to control a drone, rover, and interact with a powerpoint presentation. Watch the rest of the applications on our Youtube channel.

T-Skin Quadcopter Gesture Control

T-Skin Rover Gesture Control

T-Skin PowerPoint Gesture Control

Make Your Own Apps and Share.

Whether it's writing your own apps or editing others, the Sketch Arena is your hub to explore the T-Skin.

Adapt T-Skin to Your Favorite Devices

Our Sketch Arena marketplace has free apps for 3D CAD, gaming, augmented reality, and more.

The Sketch Arena makes it easy to get started. Download your app, with ready-to-use sketches ready to go. Connect your T-Skin via USB to upload and in few seconds the new app will be running!

The T-skin is a programmable device: Edit or create your own apps using Arduino IDE.

Multi-OS Compatibility

We've ensured the Tactigon is ready to go with more than 50 devices and softwares!

Popular OS-Support includes:

Coming Soon ➜ TACTIGON

Save 40% Off Tactigon T-Skin at Launch

Tactigon T-Skin Tech Specs

The T-Skin's compact size hides a high degree of complexity that makes it an easy to gesture controller.

10 Degrees of Freedom

Our 10 DOF sensor is designed to manipulate digital content or camera positions in industry-leading CAD applications.

4 Programmable Keys

Tactile keys allow for different command combinations based off of finger placement to toggle modes or inputs.

Build in Arduino IDE

Whether downloading apps from our Sketch Arena, or writing your own app, find new reaches for gesture control.

Easy Connectivity

Using Bluetooth Low Energy Interfaces, connect T-Skin to a variety of devices including smartphones, laptops, and drones.

Accurate Motion

Measuring linear and angular motion in realtime along with magnetic and pressure readings provide precise movement accuracy.

Robust Battery Life

Hidden in the ergonomic design is a 155 mA rechargable battery that can run your T-Skin for up to 8 hours consistently.

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Use T-Skin to control rovers with gestures

Gesture Control

Interact with any Bluetooth consistently connected device using motion.
T-Skin has 4 tactile buttons that you can program.

4 Tactile Inputs

Choose what each button does, whether it toggles between modes or interacts.
T-Skin interacts with 3D printers

Perfect for Makers

Write out your own code in Arduino IDE and test with your latest projects.
T-Skin interfaces with AR and VR environments.

AR/VR Ready

The T-Skin is built for the world in 3D. Use it in your favorite games and apps.