Perfectly Cooked Meals, Everytime.

Safera's stovetop kitchen sensors monitor and assist anyone to learn new culinary techniques, be a better chef at home, or precisely cook any recipe, automatically.

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Smart Kitchen Cooking Assistant

Perfectly Cook Any
Recipe at Home

Simply 'stick' Safera above any home or apartment stovetop to leverage 10 cooking sensors and recipe algorithms that allow you to cook like the pros.

Smart Kitchen Appliance

Start New Recipe Cooking Routine

First, choose a recipe and start cooking for Safera to automatically begin recognizing cooking events (boiling, searing, frying, etc), human activities (adding or removing food), and start recording cooking stats (time, temp, etc) to create a detailed recipe routine.

IoT Cooking Kitchen Gadgets

Save New Recipe Cooking Timeline

Next, save and name your recipe's 'routine' to create a bookmarked cooking timeline, which automatically populates sensor data (time, temperature, events, etc) to the Safera app, creating an easy to read, visual timeline to the archive for next time you cook the recipe.

Smart Home Recipe Cooking App

Perfect Favorite Archived Recipes

After you've saved a new cooking routine, Safera's app allows you to start perfecting your recipe with a guided routine with past cooking events and a step by step visual guide that allows you to perfect the cooking times, temperatures, and overall recipe.

Smart Kitchen Sensors &
Recipe Cooking App

Safera brilliantly combines complex stovetop sensor data and sophisticated cooking algorithms with an easy to follow recipe coaching app.

Connected IoT Smart Kitchen Gadget

Stove Sensors & Recipe Algorithms to Cook Better

Safera's cooking sensors easily convert any home or apartment stovetop into a safer, smarter one.

By combining 20 stovetop cooking sensors, Safera understands what is happening, allowing it to create detailed cooking timelines for changing temperatures, cooking times, bring to a boil, adding ingredients, allowing to simmer, removing of lids, and much more.

This cooking data is then simplified and sent to your smartphone apps visualized interface that allows Safera to start guiding and coaching you to precisely cooking your favorite recipes the way you like them, getting smarter and smarter the more often you cook them.

Learn to Cook App with Kitchen Stove Sensors

Recipe Routines & Archiving App to Cooker Better

Safera allows anyone to precisely follow even the toughest of recipes with its simple cooking app.

Safera's cooking app allows you to easily recook your favorite saved recipes with automatic guided cooking routines to fry, simmer, or boil at precise temperatures for preheating and cooking for the perfect amount of time.

Additionally, Safera effortlessly re-creates and assists you in cooking with alerts indicating it's time to preheat a pan, remove a lid, add extra ingredients, and automatically adjust burner heat by timer or even voice commands to perfectly cook your favorite dish.

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Save 40% Off Safera Sense at Launch

Safera Cooking Sensor & Recipe App Technical Specs

The all-new Safera Sense was designed to be small, discreet, and powerful with sensors to help you cook better and cook safer at your home or apartment.

Automatic Fire Prevention

Option power control unit automatically shut off your stove before a fire starts or when a human is not sensed for extended time.

iOS/Android Phone App

Safera App provides hub for remote monitoring, helping keep track of routines, customization controls, or cooking alerts.

Air Quality Data Sensors

Measures Carbon Dioxide, Humity, Organic Volatile Compounds, Temperature, and overall Air Quality Index with ventilation alerts.

Discreet Compact Size

Sticks above your home or apartment stovetop under the ventilation hood and uses (3) AA batteries to power with zero cords.

Artificial Intelligence

Years of data from Safera's test kitchens and following your specific kitchen routines allows Safera Sense to learn how you cook overtime.

Power Control Monitor

Pair the Safera Sense with a Safera PCU to monitor and analyze power consumption with remote cut off ability to ensure complete fire safety.

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Smart Assistant Cooking Sensor

Smart Home Compatible App

Works with Google Home, Alexa, HomeKit to create automated cooking routines.
Precision Cooking Kitchen Sensor

Safera Helps Cook Perfectly

Records activity to perfect your times and temperature in automated routines.
Smart Recipe Cooking App

Safera Saved Recipe Timelines

Archives favorite recipes in step by step timeline with temperature, time, etc.
Smart Home Cooking Sensor

Safera Is Easy To Install

Designed for homes or apartments to easily stick above your stove with no wires.
Smart Kitchen Cooking Assistant

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