HotRock Heated Foam Roller at Gym with Yoga Girl

Pro Therapeutic & Heated Foam Roller

HotRock is a physical therapist-designed, ultra-heated foam roller with electronic controls and therapeutic foam for deep muscle therapy.

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Foam Therapy Roller with Gym Bag by HotRock

Heat-Controlled, Advanced Roller Therapy

Designed by licensed physical therapist, Dr. Tony Rocklin PT, DPT, COMT, HotRock is the only heated therapeutic roller that is powered to get ultra-hot and be controlled by the user.

HotRock at  160° Heat Relieving Hamstring Muscles

Consistent High Heat

Unlike microwave-heated rollers that continually lose heat during use, HotRock is the only advanced foam roller that can be powered up past 160° F in less than 4 minutes and continue to stay hot using its patented SmartWire Technology.

Lady Adjusting HotRock Foam Roller LCD Screen Heat

Advanced Heat Controls

HotRock is the only heated foam roller with a built-in LCD control panel, allowing for incremental temperature adjustments of 10° to maintain lower heat for more sensitive body parts or increased heat on muscles and joints requiring deeper therapy.

Therapuetic ABS / EVA Foam Roller Heating Thigh

Firm Therapeutic Foam

Unlike cheaper, 100% foam rollers, HotRock is multi-layered with a denser ABS Plastic core to increase intensity for reducing knots and trigger points and a softer 0.75" layer of our proprietary EVA Foam that provides the perfect balance of comfort and therapy.

Physical Therapist-Designed

As an Orthopedic Manual, Manipulative Physical Therapist of 22 years, I created HotRock to perfectly blend intense heat and deep joint and soft tissue therapy.
~ Dr. Tony Rocklin PT, DPT, COMT

Man in Blue Shirt Heating Tricep Muscle on HotRock

Heat Therapy Treatment Benefits with HotRock

Thermotherapy increases blood flow, providing proteins, nutrients, and oxygen for better healing.

When I began designing the perfect home roller for my patients and athletes, high heat and temperature control were critical features in producing vasodilation (blood vessel widening), which increases oxygen, nutrients and proteins to our tissues, while eliminating carbon dioxide and metabolic waste.

By engineering consistently high temperatures into HotRock, we've created a fantastic in-home therapy and performance-enhancement device that improves mobility, decreases pain and soreness, assists in healing injuries and speeds up recovery and relaxation.

Woman Treating Neck Stiffness with HotRock Roller

Massage and Myofascial Benefits with HotRock

Soft tissue massage and myofascial release via HotRock improves tissue health and tolerance.

When designing HotRock’s massage and release intensity, it was critical to create layers that would provide the right balance of comfort and tissue depth to satisfy both the high demands of my pro athletes, as well as my regular patients, younger and older alike.

With our proprietary blend of EVA Foam and ABS Plastic, it’s the perfect balance of intensity and comfort to relax muscles, break up adhesions, improve joint range of motion, release endorphins, correct imbalances and increase blood flow.

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Heated Foam Roller Tech Specs

HotRock is Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapist-designed with just the right balance of heat, layers and extra features to provide quick and long lasting benefits.

Electrically-Heated Roller

HotRock's patented SmartWire Technology uses high-quality, electrical components that provide excellent performance and precision within the heated foam roller.

Light-Weight and Portable

Weighing in at only 2.8 lbs, 13.5" inches long and 5" inches in diameter with its own protective carrying bag, HotRock is designed to be taken on the road and used whenever you want.

Dr. Rocklin PT, DPT, COMT

Designed by a published author, clinical educator and licensed physical therapist for 22 years with a focus on hip intra-articular pathology at Therapeutic Associates in Downtown Portland, Oregon.

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapist Designed HotRock
Extra-Long Power Cord

Extra-long 8' foot power cord allows therapy in any area without feeling pressed for space or up against a wall, with a magnetic end cap that safely tucks away power supply when not in use.

Timer & Auto-Shutoff

Set a timer for 10, 20 or 30 minutes within the LCD control panel. Forget to turn it off? No worries with the safety automatic power-down after 30 minutes of idling.

LCD Temperature Controls

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) allows temperature customizations in increments of 10° Fahrenheit along with the setting of timed temperature heating sessions with ease.

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Woman Warning Up Tricep Muscle with HotRock Roller

Warm Up or Recover Tissues

Rolling loosens fascia/muscles pre-workout and pushes out lactic acids after.
Man in Nike Shorts Doing Thermotherapy on Lumbar

Heal Injuries & Recover Faster

HotRock's high heat relieves pain and increases blood flow to assist in healing.
Man doing Thermotherapy Muscle Rolling on Arm

Relieve Soreness and Stiffness

Thermotherapy relaxes muscles from activity and reduces stiffness from posture.
Woman in Yoga Pants getting Myofascial Release

Improve Range & Flexibility

Rolling optimizes tissue length-tension relationships to improve biomechanics.
Electric Heating Foam Roller by Dr. Tony Rocklin

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