Soap Saving Alternative to Loofahs

Solves problem you didn't know had...

SudStud eliminates bacteria cultivation, saves money on expensive soaps, and cleans deeper than your current showering routine.

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Sud Stud: Intelligently Designed Shower Scrubber Tysons Corner, Virginia Clean better while using up to 80% less of your favorite soap with Sud Stud.
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Meet Sud Stud.

An intelligently designed shower scrubber to cut waste, stop bacteria, and clean deeper.

Sud Stud may look simple; however...

Sud Stud is an alternative to the notoriously filthy loofahs we all use.

Sud Stud's innovative design uses less soap and creates a frothier lather for a deeper clean while also eliminating bacteria build up while awaiting its next use.

Reduce Bacteria Growth

SudStud's ultra-soft, flexible silicone eliminates bacteria build-up prevalent in traditional loofahs.

Eliminate Soap Waste

SudStud's design reduces your soaps surface area, allowing your soap to last 5x longer.

Produce Frothier Lather

Increase suds by up to 250% while exfoliating with Sud Stud's patented honeycomb design.

Eliminate Soap Waste

To finish one bar of soap with Sud Stud, a regular soap bar user would have already used 4-5 bars of soaps.

Eliminate soap waste when showering:

By removing direct soap to skin contact, Sud Stud significantly reduces the surface area on any bar of soap by 80%, making your soap last 5x times longer.

Less Soap Surface Area

Patented Honeycomb comb design reduces soap friction area by 80%, reducing friction tremendously and saving you enormous amounts of soap (money).

Any Shape or Size Soap

Sud Stud also is flexible and adjusts to different shapes whether it be the most popular brands or the fancier gourmet soaps with irregular sizes.

Gourmet Bar Soaps

Your fancy-schmancy, expensive gourmet soap bars will finally be worth buying as SudStud fits most soaps with its ability to expand up to 200%

Produce Frothier Lather

Increase suds by up to 250% while exfoliating with patented honeycomb design.

A deep, exfoliating clean with gel or bar soap:

SudStud's patented soft-side and scrub-sided honeycomb pattern forms a water reservoir, creating richer, sudsier lather with both liquid and bar soaps.

More Soapy Suds, Less Water

Patented honeycomb pattern and water reservoir create a richer and sudsier lather with up to 250% more suds for a deeper skin cleaning while also using less water.

Two-Side Exfoliating Clean

With two sides, a soft silicone side for gentler cleaning or scrub-sided for deeper cleaning and removing dead skin cells, SudStud will not irritate your skin over time like bristles.

Body Wash Reservoir Built-In

By placing a few drops of liquid shower body wash into SudStud's reservoir, it will begin forming lather as you scrub and create a sudsy cleaning machine with any liquid gel.

Reduce Bacteria Growth

Flexible and quick to dry, silicone's anti-microbial properties help Sud Stud remain germ free unlike a loofah.

Ultra-soft silicone eliminates bacteria growth:

SudStud's is anti-bacterial and eliminates bacteria build-up prevalent in traditional loofahs while awaiting the next use in its humid environment.

Quick Drying Easy Cleaning

When not in use, Sud Stud 'feet' prop it up, so it dries itself and the soap quickly by letting water and air underneath; and non-porous silicone allows you to boil Sud Stud to thoroughly sanitize.

Antibacterial Soft Silicone

Unlike traditional shower loofahs, Sud Stud's ultra-soft, flexible silicone is anti-bacterial, eliminating breeding grounds for all kinds of bathroom bacteria bacterium build up simply by the material that it is made

Not Just For Showering

First and foremost designed for a smoother, deeper, and more efficient cleaning while in the bath or shower but we've found that its antibacterial properties are a great for ditching your filthy kitchen sink sponge too.

  • “The waste! The slime! The bacterial cultivation! And that's just from soapy loofahs, the things that are supposed to keep you clean! SudStud is a new shower scrubber, a soap sleeve that keeps clean!” Sud Stud Soap Sleeve Review — Dude I Want That!

Sud Stud Demo Videos

Check out a few videos of Sud Stud in action and its development from an idea to a reality.

I'm Dale, Inventor of Sud Stud

I'm a young inventor and entrepreneur, and my goal in life is to develop fun and unique products that solve problems, big or small.

Sud Stud vs. Other Shower Accessories

In this video, I compare Sud Stud to leading shower products like natural sponges, bath poofs and bristle brushes.

Sud Stud Liquid Gel Body Wash Demo

In this quick demo video, I use hand soap, the least "sudsy" liquid soap to demonstrate Sud Stud's ability.

Inside Sud Stud's Design & Engineering

In video below, I showcase a few unique engineering and design features that make SudStud the absolute best shower accessory currently on the market.

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Latest Sud Stud News

See what's new with Sud Stud's latest design features, production, and delivery to you.

How Sud Stud Works & Non-Standard Sized Soap Bars

How to Insert Standard or Irregular Soaps

In this weeks update, I demonstrate how you insert soap into your Sud along with how to use Sud Stud with bars of soap with irregular shapes or ones larger that 4oz with Sud Studs ability to expand 200%.

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Engineering Features That May Go Unnoticed

Sud Stud's unique engineering features

SudStud may look simple; however, I spent a lot of time to comprehend your current showering options and engineered every aspect from size, shape, pillars, and reservoir to have a unique purpose.

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In-Depth Comparison of Sud Stud to Other Products

Strengths and Weaknesses Comparison

Here, I compare Sud Stud to leading products, focused on ways to clean and a final feature comparison that outlines the ways to clean with a breakdown of strengths/weaknesses of each.

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