Soap Saving Alternative to Loofahs

Solves problem you didn't know had...

SudStud eliminates bacteria cultivation, saves money on expensive soaps, and cleans deeper than your current showering routine.

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Sud Stud: A Simple, Intelligently Designed Shower Scrubber Tysons Corner, VA An alternative to notoriously filthy shower loofahs that saves money, cleans deeper and eliminates bathroom bacteria breeding grounds.
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A Deeper, More Efficient Clean

As an alternative to the notoriously filthy loofahs we all use, Sud Stud's innovative design uses less soap while eliminating bacteria build up.

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Reduce Bacteria Growth

SudStud's ultra-soft, flexible silicone is anti-bacterial and eliminates bacterium build-up prevalent in traditional loofahs while awaiting the next use in its humid environment.

Soap Dispenser Scrubber by SudStud

Eliminate Soap Waste

SudStud's design reduces your soaps surface area by 80% from removing direct soap to skin contact, therefore reducing friction and allowing your soap to last 5x longer.

Bar Soap Scrubber by SudStud

Produce Frothier Lather

SudStud's patented soft-side and scrub-sided honeycomb pattern allow a water reservoir to form, in turn creating a richer and sudsier lather for a deeper skin cleaning.

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Sud Stud Silicone Scrubber with shower products

Consistent Deep Scrubbing

Gentler than harsh bristles, Sud Stud gently exfoliates with a good clean.
Sud Stud drying on bathroom counter

Feet Lift Soap For Fast Dry

When not in use, Sud Stud dries soap quickly, letting water and air underneath.
Sud Stud on top of Irish Spring and Dial Soap.

Fits Popular and Gourmet Soap

Able to expand up to 200% it's size, Sud Stud expands to fit different shapes.
Sud Stud Exfoliating Surface on bathroom sink.

Generates up to 250% More Suds

Patented honeycomb design crates room for suds to form while washing.

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