Man riding Sterka Modular E-Bike in City Streets

DIY Pedelec Bike Kit For Makers

Sterka M1 is a premium, powerful and modular out-of-the-box, build-it-yourself e-bike that you can upgrade, customize and build.

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A Limitless DIY Electric Bike Kit

Quality materials make for an exciting experience in building your own e-bike. Built to last with modular components to customize your feel.

Man works on the modular Sterka E-Bike.

Tinker Away with an E-bike Kit

Put together the entire frame. Everything you need comes right out of the box.
Man walks the Sterka M1 down a subway stop.

Built to Last a Lifetime

Custom cut parts can be swapped out and keeps true to the DIY spirit.
Man builds the Sterka M1 right from the box.

Fully Assembled in 3 Hours

A methodical approach and an easy to follow guide makes the M1 easy to build.
Tight Close Up of Man Riding Sterka M1

High Performance E-Bike

Stock speeds capped at 40km/h. Modularization lets you choose the bike settings.

Sterka is the choice for e-MTB or EBike kits.

Specially made components allow you to control details like torque settings and brake pressure while using high quality components.

Fully assembled Sterka M1 E-Bike Kit

All-in-One Custom DIY Electric Bicycle Kit

RC-Car racing inspired, Sterka's electric DIY bike kit is a tinker's dream allowing you to build your versatile ebike to handle long-distance, offroad hill climbing, or commuter riding in under three hours.

Close up of the mid-drive pedelec motor

Electric Mid-Drive Pedelec Motor

With cadence and torque sensors in Sterka's 350W motor, you get flexibility for low speed/high torque hill climbing and high speed/low torque urban scenarios that leverage its 5 speed internal gear system.

Close Up of 5 Gear transmission

Modular Upgradable Bike Components

With easy-to-swap bike components in Sterka's DIY custom e-bike kit, you get an electric bicycle that performs in every occasion, no matter the terrain. The future-proof design lets you upgrade ebike parts.

Sterka M1 Tech Specs

The Sterka M1 kit offers builders and makers an in-depth look behind e-bike development with a high-performance vehicle to boot!

Custom Cut Frame

Frame body structure is custom cut from carbon fiber sheets and #6061 aluminum alloy material.

Pneumatic Shock Absorbers

Adjustable preload pressure corresponds to rider’s weight, alleviate the impact caused by road surfaces

Safe Hydraulic Braking

Front and rear hydraulic braking system ensures safe braking at maximum speed.

Powerful 350W Motor

The middle mounted motor provides a high output and can reach maximum speeds of 40km/h.

Long Term Lifecycle

Easy removal, replacement, maintenance, customization and upgrades to new components and accessories.

36V/10Ah Lithium Battery

Fully charged battery has a range of over 250km. Fully charged in 3-4 Hours.

From Design to Final Product: December Delivery Timeline

See how is easy it is to fully assemble the Sterka M1 in less than 3 hours.

☑ PHASE ONE — Product Review

Completed ☑ in January 2017 with the first conceptual drawings, building Sterka Concepts with the green light to move forward on Design Blueprints

☑ PHASE TWO — Design Blueprints

Completed ☑ in March 2017 with approvals on 2D/3D CAD files, blueprint, certifications and final design with the green light to move forward on Factory Engagement

☑ PHASE THREE — Factory Engagement

Completed ☑ on September 2017 with approvals on estimated material cost/quantity, tentative production timeline, engineer verifications and factory selection CNC milling, First Article Inspection, and Sample Testing with green light to move forward on Prototype Development.

☑ PHASE FOUR — Prototype Development

Completed ☑ on March 2018 with approvals on CNC Milling, samples, material quantity, cost, assembly process and third-party certifications our initial prototype was finished with green light to move forward on Shipping & Packaging Development.

☑ PHASE FIVE — Pilot Production & Quality Inspection

Sterka Concepts currently working on Pilot Production & Delivery in December 2018 with an estimated timeline of 30-45 days for material preparation, product inspection and quality test.

☐ PHASE SIX — Production & Delivery

Our unique modular production allows us to build each bike as soon as order is placed. It will take us less than 90 days for each order to inspect, package and ship to you!