Four Stroke Engine Complete Gas Bike Kit

Gas-Hybrid Power Motorized Bicycle

Phatmoto is the affordable all-in-one pre-assembled motorized bike that eliminates the complexities with engine conversion kits.

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All-In-One Motorized Bike

With Phatmoto's fully-equipped motorized bicycle, all you need to do is attach the handlebars and front wheel, put in some gas and you're off.

Powerful four stroke engine on Phatmoto gas bike.

Powerful Gas Engine

Phatmoto's 79cc OHV (Overhead Valve) 4-Stroke engine with automatic clutch allows anyone to travel up to 100 miles at speeds of 25mph on less than a gallon of gas.

All in one Phatmoto bike frame for gas engine kit

Custom Bike Frame

Phatmoto's bike frame is engineered from the ground up to safely encase its drivetrain, securely mount its slim motor, and discreetly store its gas within the bike frame itself.

Phatmoto is a premade gase bike with no conversion

Prebuilt In The Box

Phatmoto's is an all-in-one, pre-assembled motorized bike that requires zero assembly while being significantly cheaper than standard bicycle engine DIY conversion kits.

A Convenient Gas-Hybrid Motorized Bicycle

Phatmoto's design considerations offer riders added built-in luxuries that many DIY motorized bicycle conversion kits don't offer.

Pull handle starter on four stroke Phatmoto engine

Easy To Use Bike Engine

Phatmoto's pull handle start and push button off allows for easy bike engine operations.

Unlike two-stroke bike engines that require vigorous pedaling and clutch dropping to start, Phatmoto has opted for a much simpler four-stroke pull start handle for added convenience.

In addition, Phatmoto's handlebar off switch quickly kills the motor with the push of a button that allows us to enclose the hot motor and eliminate touching.

Pedal or use gas power to ride the Phatmoto bike

Bike Pedal Or Engine Power

Phatmoto's gas-hybrid bike gives you the flexibility to ride by pedaling, engine, or both.

Phatmoto was engineered from the ground up as a dedicated motorized gas-hybrid bike which makes it significantly easier to ride while pedaling.

By streamlining Phatmoto's engine drivetrain, we've eliminated many of the pedaling strains associated with bulky bike conversion kits that give you the freedom to easily ride by pedal and/or engine power.

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Motorized Bicycle & Gas Engine Specs

Phatmoto is far from your standard motorized gas-hybrid bike, hiding a high degree engineering in its traditional bike frame appearance.

Engine Operation

3.0 HP 79cc Industrial Grade OHV Single Cylinder 4-Stroke, Starting System: Recoil, Fuel Type: 87 Octane Gas, Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.75 Gallon (2.85 L), Engine Oil: SAE 10W30w 20 oz

Bike Components

Fork: Suspension Forks, Rear Shocks: N/A, Bottom Bracket: Cartridge Sealed, Front Brake: Mechanical Disc Brake, Rear Brake: V-Brake, Headset: 1 1/8"

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Engine Performance

Top Speed: Up to 25 mph, Maximum Range: 100 miles full tank, Maximum Horsepower: 3 mhp, Displacement: 79cc, Engine Speed: 3600 rpm, Compression Ratio: 8:1

Bike Size & Frame

Frame Size: 26 inch, Total Bike Weight: 70 pound (32 kg) , Frame: Aluminum, Wheel Size: 26 inch, Tires Type: Mountain, Tire Size: 26 x 2.35 inches, Spokes: 12G

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Easy pull handle start on Phatmoto 4 stroke bike

Easy Pull Handle Engine Start

Phatmoto upgrades standard motorized bike ignitions with a recoil pull handle.
Motorized bike drivetrain enclosure on Phatmoto

Encased Drivetrain Chain Shaft

Phatmoto's enclosed chain and motorized drivetrain adds much needed safety.
Small yet powerful gas bike engine on Phatmoto

Slim Motorized Bike Engine

By design, Phatmoto is compact hiding much of its motor within its bike frame.

All-In-One Motorized Gas Bike

Phatmoto comes pre-assembled, eliminating the complex DIY assembly with kits.

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