Custom tech gadgets with Assemblage Smart Hub

Modular Tech & Gadget Hub for Home or Away.

Assemblage creates custom entertainment hubs with interchangeable modules for audio, video, connectivity, information, and more.

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Stack Modules To Customize

Assemblage's interchangeable tech components allow you to easily stack different modules to customize your hub to fit your day.

Entertainment Hub

Customize Assemblage for your home living room to entertain with 360-degree hi-fi audio, hi-def media projector, streaming music, air quality, multi-speaker pairing, mood lighting, and more.

Work Productivity Hub

Customize Assemblage for your office desk to increase productivity with a smart assistant, presentation projector, charging dock, calendar alerts, wifi extender, speaker phone, and more.

Portable Travel Hub

Customize Assemblage for on-the-go portable tech for travel with its water resistant portable speaker, extended battery, travel light, charging dock, weather reports, alarm clock, and more.

How Modular Tech Works

With your Assemblage hub all you have to do is stack your preferred modular components, pack it in your bag, and go with the features you need.

Select & Customize Your Tech Modules

Assemblage modules function independently or as an integrated stack.

Assemblage is a system of stackable plug-and-play modules that are individually feature-packed and even more powerful together.

Each module thoughtfully addresses an essential need in modern life: charging our smartphones, listening to music, sharing a screen with others, looking up our daily agendas, lighting up a room.

Stackable Tech Modules With App Controls

Plug-and-play modules are featured-loaded but even more powerful together.

When combined, an Assemblage stack becomes the perfect companion to our chosen lifestyles – as a music junkie, for example, or a digital nomad, or an adventurous spirit constantly in the outdoors.

Modules are controlled via the Assemblage mobile app and fully customizable to your preferences.

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Assemblage Is Built For Quality

Every component is encased in high-grade, scratch-free, self-cleaning material, while sound and image quality is comparable to industry best.

Smart Home Integration

The Assemblage App allows you to seamlessly control and sync with your Assemblage system.

Compact HD Projector

Stream in high definition, 1920 x 1080 resolution with a compact 1000 ANSI lumen bulb.

Powerful WiFi Extender

A universal WiFi extender that supports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Dual Band frequency.

15,000-hour LED Light

A classic heritage-designed 4.5W light connected to the Assemblage App for easy on/off.

Home Monitoring Assistant

High Resolution display shows you date and time with temperature and humidity status.

High-Fidelity Audio

Long lasting 10-hour playback with 5W high-fidelity 360 degree audio no matter where you are.

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Assmeblage's design compliments any decor.

Functionality at Home

A perfect home-theater system, use Assemblage with projector and speakers.

Practical For Everyday Use

Keep a strong WiFi connection and stay up to date with your notifications.
Assemblage works as a personal theater

High-Grade Scratch-Free Design

Durable quality materials stand up to wear and tear for active lifestyles.
Assemblage Projects at a full 1080 HD

Project at 1080 HD

Assemblage projects at full HD quality on walls and compatible screens.

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