Handmade Leather Bags Designed by Moroccan Artisans

Meqnes bags are luxurious and one-of-a-kind works of art that are handcrafted with the highest quality leather and centuries-old Moroccan tradition.

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Luxurious Handcrafted Leather Bags

Meqnes is what happened when the highest quality European materials met traditional Moroccan designs.

Designed by Real Moroccan Artisans

Built on Moroccan tradition of 100% Handmade leather goods made one-by-one with signature stitching and flattering patinas to give each bag, suitcase, laptop sleeve, or wallet it’s own unique look and feel.

Moroccan Stitching in Modern Designs

Meqnes bags have a sturdy heavy stitched construction with 2.5mm thick leather ensuring the sides of your bag will not collapse whilst holding it's upright form when you're not carrying it.

Premium Leather Sourcing for Artisans

Available in a variety of styles, Meqnes bags feature vegetable-tanned cow leather offering a vintage style paired with Italian Nickel-free finish buckles, Iron rivets, and premium polyester felt lining.

Reinvigorating Handmade Moroccan Artisanship

Meqnes' leather artisans are the most sought after crown jewels of any medina (market) that are keeping a dying ancient tradition alive.

The Dying Artisanal Leather Tradition in Morocco

Real handcrafted leather goods that will last a lifetime are beginning to disappear.

The problem starts with large global manufacturers flooding markets with low-quality replicas of traditionally high-quality Moroccan leather products cheap to tourists locally and at high markups globally. In turn, the real artisans—the guys who know their leather sources, who know centuries-old traditional Moroccan designs, and who handcraft their products to last a lifetime are beginning to disappear.

The Last Old Fashioned Leather Bag Artisans

Growing up in Morocco's capital, Kamal Jahid had an idea to keep his centuries-old heritage alive.

Traveling back to Morocco, Kamal and his soon to be business partner David sought after and found traditionally handmade Moroccan bags they'd both own for a lifetime. On their flight home, they were stopped countless times with envy eyes on these highly sought after leather bags. That's where the idea sparked. Everybody loved them. Why not offer these bags to the world and keep the tradition alive?

Moroccan Medinas Meet Modern Vintage Style

Living in Warsaw, Kamal Jahid had a second idea to create a leather and design collaboration.

Kamal and his partner Davide noticed that Poland experimenting with some of Europe's of the highest quality leather and why not put Moroccan designs with Europe's fine quality leather and parts? Soon they began working closely with Moroccan leather artisans to hand create vintage luxury bags, giving a taste of the Moroccan medinas (markets).

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Meqnes Creates Luxurious Handmade Leather Bags

Each luxurious leather bag by Meqnes is made from hand one at a time using the highest quality materials designed to last you and your family generations.

Meqnes Duffel Bag

Minimalist hold-all bag with detachable leather strap bag to carry you through the day--from the office to the gym.

Meqnes Briefcase

Big comfortable handles, deep, spacious interior with an internal laptop sleeve, and zip fastening. Something between a tote and a briefcase when you need more than just the laptop.

Meqnes Travel (Dopp) Kit

A classic travel kit with water-resistant leather and outside zipper for access. Appropriate for use with toiletries, shave kits—some even use it as an electronic gearcase.

Meqnes Passport Holder

Travel with style. A minimalist leather cover for your ticket to the world.

Meqnes Laptop Case

A slim-profile briefcase, with a comfortable detachable strap and leather handles. Two-way zipper. Perfect meeting companion, when you just need a laptop and notebook.

Meqnes Laptop Sleeve

A minimalist leather sleeve for the 13" MacBook Pro and similarly sized devices. Stylish protection for your workhorse laptop, with two magnets for quick access.

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The Duffel Bag by Meqnes

Minimalist hold-all bag with detachable leather strap to carry through the day.

The Weekender Bag by Meqnes

Our flagship men’s weekender bag is stunning and will take your breath away.

The Work Collection by Meqnes

Spacious briefcase, sleek laptop bag, and slim computer sleeve mean business.

The Large Briefcase by Meqnes

Comfort handles, spacious interior and internal laptop sleeve with zip fastener.