Smart Dog Treat Dispensing Camera

Furbo Pet Cam trains, comforts, rewards, and interacts with your pets while you're away with audio, video, games, and treats.

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The World's Best Pet Cam

Furbo is engineered to stimulate your dog's unique audible and optical receptors.

Meet Furbo — The smart pet camera made for dogs.

Furbo is your dogs new best friend while you're away from home.

Working closely with veterinarians and dog trainers, Furbo is scientifically designed to help train, comfort, reward, and entertain dogs when they're home alone.

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Entertain with Games & Treats

Toss a few dog treats remotely to let your pets know you're thinking of them, play games, and/or video tricks by waking up Furbo with its special dog-friendly color and sound awakening triggers.

Dog Training & Comforting

Furbo's two-way audio allows you to comfort your dog by voice when they are scared and train your dog with positive or negative reinforcement of behaviors similar to clicker dog training.

Smart Alerts & Pet Monitoring

Furbo's A.I. powered dog-recognition camera detects and alerts of important events, providing smart mobile alerts for barking, dog-selfie photo opps, jumping on furniture, and much more.

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  • “Furbo features a barking detector, and can send alerts to your smartphone if your dog starts to become agitated...emits sound and LED color to attract your dog”
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  • “The 'first AI-powered dog camera' with machine learning and computer vision to detect when your dog is chewing, pacing back/forth, or playing with another pup”
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Furbo: World's Best Treat-Tossing Dog Camera Seattle, Washington All-in-one dog sitter that includes a camera, treat popper, barking alerts, night vision, and more!
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Toss Treats with Furbo

Furbo's interactive smart dog camera that lets you see, talk, play, share and toss treats to your dog from anywhere.

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Have a Paw-esome Good Time

Furbo is a two-way, interactive 1080p Full HD smart pet camera with 4x zoom that lets you see, talk, and toss treats to your dog from anywhere via app.

Furbo Tossing Dog Treat to Puppy

Tosses Any Dog Treat

Furbo's dog tossing treat camera doesn't require special pet treats and holds over 100 pieces of any type of rounded pet treats to shoot in the air via you smartphone, tablet, and/or smartwatch app.

Furbo Recording Video of Puppy

Record & Share Videos

The best pet camera out there, Furbo records videos of tossing treats in super clear 1080p Full HD video, wtih 4x 160° wide angle zoom, and night vision so you can share awesome videos online at anytime.

Dog Playing Games on Pet Camera

Play Games While Away

With Furbo's dog treat dispensing pet camera you can play games of fetch with your dogs from anywhere using its two-way audio and video app that allows you to interact and entertain your pets from anywhere.

Dog Training with Furbo

Working closely with vets and dog trainers, Furbo is designed to stimulate a dog’s unique hearing and vision senses.

  • Dog Obedience Trainer with Furbo

Fubro is Scientifically Designed for Dogs

Furbo uses colors dogs can see, changing from yellow to blue to attract your dog's attention. Overtime they learn to associate blue lights with your voice and will head to Furbo to hear you.

Miniature Yorkies Dog Clicker Training with Furbo

Remote Clicker Training

Similar to clicker training, Furbo makes a “clicking” sound before tossing a treat. This helps your dog establish a positive feeling towards Furbo. You can finally play with your dog and reward them remotely.

Training Dog Bad Behavior with Furbo Pet Camera

Seperation Anxiety

Verbally communicate with your dog to give them that extra sense of comfort when you’re away to call for them or calm them, hearing your voice when you’re away from home can make all the difference for some dogs!

Furbo providing positive reinforcement training

Positive Reinforcement

Using AI-powered dog recognition, Furbo detects and notifies of important dog-related events so you know what your dog is up to at home alone to send them a treat for good behaviour or reprimand by voice for bad.

Pet Monitoring with Furbo

Using AI-powered dog recognition camera technology, Furbo detects and notifies of important pet-related events while you are away from home.

  • Furbo and smart gadgets dog alers

Smart Alerts Discover Your Pets Secret Life

Know exactly what your dog is up to at home alone with AI-powered recognition for barking, activity, and people with alerts sent directly to your Android or iOS smart devices.

Receiving Pet Camera Alert for Dog Activity

Dog Activity A.I. Alerts

Furbo will send an alert when it identifies dog-related activities, like running around, playing, jumping on furniture, or even if AI recognition technology detects an awesome dog selfie photo opportunity.

Alert sent to Smartphone for Dog Barking

Dog Barking Alerts

Furbo's two-way microphone has automatic dog barking detection with customizable audio sensitivity according to your dogs behavior with real-time push notifications to check in and see what's going on..

Know when your dog watcher comes over with Furbo

Unknown Person Alerts

Furbo's interactive pet camera will detect and notify when a human comes into view: whether a dog walker is scheduled to stop by or an intruder enters the home with notifications beyond just dog-related.

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