Built For The Audiophile In You

Bridging 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity, the Prélude delivers high definition audio performance from your favorite streaming services.

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Welcome to Your New Listening Experience

Sophisticated and intelligently designed, The Debussy Prélude is the premier connected pair of headphones built by music fans for music fans.

Pristine Audio

The Prélude merges sound engineering expertise, high-end hardware and innovation to control the audio processing chain for an exquisite music experience.

Intuitive Control

Equipped with an integrated touch-screen and voice command to give users more control and flexibility further enhancing the audio experience.

Stay Connected

The headphones integrates 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity to take calls with ease and streams all your favorite apps like Tidal, Spotify, and more.

Supreme Sound at the Touch of your Fingertips

An integrated touchscreen controls the Debussy Prélude's perfect merge of hardware and software.

An Innovative Listening Experience

A two-sided approach to delivering high-quality music makes the listening experience on the Prelude like no other. Dedicated hardware components ensure an optimized audio chain. The Debussy Sound Signature made through our software creates a lossless sound in which you hear the music, exactly as the artist intended.

Take control with your fingers or voice command. Gesture control allows you to switch songs by tapping or swiping the touch-screen and play/pause their music, change track, or simply adjust volume.

Stream All Your Favorite Channels

Using 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity, the Debussy Prélude remains autonomous so you can ditch your mobile device while streaming your favorite music channels. Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz and Deezer are all compatible with the Prélude.

Whether you're working out, in the office, casually enjoying your favorite playlists, the Debussy Prélude makes it very convenient to listen anywhere and anytime.

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Debussy Prélude Specs

Packed with high end features for every listening occassion

Robust Hardware

State-of-the-art Audio Chain including a 32-bit DAC

Touch Screen

Custom buttons, display album covers or custom visualization

Internal Storage

Store up to 32GB of all your favorite music for when in airplane mode

Voice Command

Change track, adjust volume, play/pause, and stop music

4G LTE and WiFi

Stream playlists from Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and more

Genuine Sound

Delivers audio at over 1000kbps for absolute clarity

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Perfected Listening Experience

Lossless audio with AI-powered mixing recreates what the artist originally made.

A Functional Wearable

Access your favorite assistant, phone calls and more through Debussy Prélude.

4G LTE Streaming On The Go

The Prélude connects you with top services like Tidal, Deezer and Spotify

Elegant Form and Function

A functional art piece, the Prélude screen reflects the user's personal taste.

Our Team of Experts Behind the Debussy Prélude

The technology behind Debussy came from experts in the fields of design, sound mastering and 3D audio.

Tuyen Pham, Sound Engineer

One of the lead innovators in 3D audio innovation, Tuyen Pham, brings a sophisticated AI approach to creating the ultimate listening experience. With his team at A-volute, Tuyen developed a multi-ear headphone with 3D sound leveraging psycho-acoustics, audio signal processing and audio drivers.

Xavier Houy - Designer

Curious and open-minded, Xavier Houy leads the design behind the Debussy Prélude. Winner of several international design awards, like the Platinum A Design and the Red Dot Design, Xavier shows prowess for new products. Recent collaborations include COGITO watches LOVEBOX and QOOQ kitchen tablet.

Antoine Chabert - Mastering Engineer

Grammy-winning Antoine 'Chab' Chabert devotes his life to music. Growing up, he learned the nuances between different genres, bands, and recording techniques. Chab brings his expertise to develop the Debussy Signature Technology, adding the human element to its robust software.