Streaming Hi-Def Audio Headphones

Debussy integrates standalone 4G/LTE connectivity with digital touchscreen for independent music streaming.

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Debussy Prelude: The First High-Fidelity Smart Streamer San Francisco, CA Prelude is the first HD Standalone Streaming Headphones. Premium Design. Built-in High-Fidelity Audio Chain. Powered by AI
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Connected Headphones with Touchscreen Display

Debussy Prélude is the Premium, Always Connected Music App Streaming Headphones Engineered for Audiophiles and Music Lovers.

Woman listens to Debussy Prelude

Perfected Listening Experience

Lossless audio with AI-powered mixing recreates what the artist originally made.
Stylish man adjusts his playlist on his watch.

A Functional Wearable

Access your favorite assistant, phone calls and more through Debussy Prélude.
Man on phone call with Debussy Prelude

4G LTE Streaming On The Go

The Prélude connects you with top services like Tidal, Deezer and Spotify
Album artwork shows on Prelude's LED touchscreen

Elegant Form and Function

A functional art piece, the Prélude screen reflects the user's personal taste.