Feel Music With Wireless Haptics

BodyRocks is an unique, wireless app-connected wearable belt and stone system that delivers haptic feedback for sound, providing the ultimate and immersive audio experience.

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BodyRocks: Feel The Music You Love San Francisco, California Wearable technology that translates audio into physical vibration felt onto your body.
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Feel Your Music With App-Controlled Haptics.

Get closer to the music you love and “feel” audio using our belt system and haptic-enabled Stones.

Wireless BassBelt™️ System

Our team of musicians, producers and music software engineers have created vibration patterns unique to what you’re listening to. We’ve built a wireless and fashionable system that adds a whole new sensation to music. Heighten your experience whether you’re rocking out, meditating or on the go.

Haptics-Enabled Stones

BodyRocks delivers wireless haptic feedback in a compact and portable size so you take your audio experience to the next level. With the BassBelt™️ around your waist, place each water-resistant Stone anywhere on the body with our strong reusable adhesive, perfect for festivals, clubs, or at the gym.

Mobile App Control

Customize your immersive music experience by using the easy to use BodyRocks app to choose your stone placement, and customize each Stone to feel a different instrument or track. Using the latest in Bluetooth standards we deliver wireless syncing between the BassBelt™️ and up to 40 Stones.

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Man Feels His Music with BodyRocks

Haptics Drive Sound into Touch

Sensationalize your favorite music into a new sensory experience with BodyRocks.
Girl dances while using BodyRocks to feel sound.

Take the Sensation With You

If you're at a club or concert, connect BodyRocks with the live performance.
Woman wears 3 BodyRocks Stones to feel her Music

Choose What You Want To Feel

Isolate specific tracks or instruments and experiment with the haptic control.
Man Sticks BodyRocks to Chest

Haptic Stones Stick To You

You can place BodyRocks anywhere to deliver haptic driven music.