Mechanical Toothbrush by Be

Battery-Free Mechanical Toothbrush

Be Toothbrush is powered by 80,000+ strokes of kinetic energy with two twists of the base.

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    “Twist twice and a kinetic energy storage mechanism will vibrate the brush head for up to 2 minutes, or just long enough for that dentist-recommended cleaning.”
    John Fingas
    Be Toothbrush Review — Engadget
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    “Be. toothbrush operates on a principle not entirely unlike a watch movement mechanism, reappropriated to deliver a higher torque in a shorter time span.”
    Luke Dormehl
    Be Toothbrush Review — Digital Trends

Beyond Electric

Unlike electric toothbrushes, the Be. is built as a kinetic storage device to harness and amplify power with zero batteries.

  • Be Twist Toothbrush from Kickstarter

Be Toothbrush by Goodwell Co.

Follows American Dental Association's Guidelines

Be's innovation goes beyond just its technology, it follows strict guidelines by the ADA so brush for the right amount of time and with the right amount of pressure.

Kinetic Technology

Simply twist the knob and Be's kinetic technology spins at 80,000 strokes per brushing and is automatically set for 2min, the American Dental Associations recommended brushing time.

Binchotan Bristles

Be's biodegradable tootbrush bristles use Binchotan (activated charcoal) to help with Ph balancing, odor absorption and anti-microbial purification so your teeth are clean and fresh.

Smart Pressure Sensor

Be's pressure sensor stops your toothbrush from over-brushing, using just 120g of pressure, or the weight of an orange as the American Dental Association recommends for your teeth and gums.

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Be. | The First Battery-Free, Powered Toothbrush Portland, OR A new kind of eco-friendly, sustainable, and electric-free toothbrush that cleans deeper than your electric.
1,410% Funded
$423,143.01 Raised
5,340 Backers
Dec 09, 2017 Ended On

Be Toothbrush Kickstarter Backer Fulfillment

See what Goodwell Co completed and what is in process of being completed for each step within our production timeline.

PHASE ONE — Product Review & Factory Engagement:

Completed in December 2016 with approvals on estimated material cost/quantity, tentative production timeline, engineer verifications and factory selection with the green light to move forward on Design & Prototyping.

PHASE TWO — Design Blueprints & Prototyping:

Completed in February 2017 with approvals on 2D/3D files, initial prototype, blueprint, certifications and final design with the green light to move forward on Tooling, First Article Inspection and Sample Testing

PHASE THREE — Tooling, FA Inspection & Testing:

Completed in July 2017 with approvals on tooling, samples, material quantity, cost, assembly process and third party certifications with green light to move forward on Shipping & Packaging Development.

PHASE FOUR — Shipping Package Development:

Scheduled for May 2018 for approvals on designing, sizing, drop-testing and production.

PHASE FIVE — Pilot Production & Quality Inspection:

Scheduled for October 2018 with approvals on material preparation, product inspection and quality tests.

PHASE SIX — Mass Production & Backer Delivery:

Scheduled for October 2018 for inspection, production line worker training, backer surveys, and order shipments.

Meet Goodwell Co.

Be Toothbrush is a sustainable alternative to the plastic toothbrushes, only to end up in landfills by creating sustainable products and technologies that raise environmental awareness.

Patrick Goodwell

Product Designer

Aaron Feiger

Creative Director

Be Toothbrush FAQ

Check out some frequently asked questions about the Be Toothbrush and feel free to contact us should we not address your questions here.

Frequently Asked Questions from Kickstarter

What is Goodwell Co's Lifetime Product Sustainable Promise?

We believe that sustainability is not only what your products are made of, but also how they are made, and how long they last. We promise that you will be able to use Be. for a lifetime. Unlike all other powered toothbrushes, we built ours so that it can be worked on and repaired, and if anything ever goes wrong with your Be., we'll repair or replace it, for free (you pay for shipping).

Why will it take that long to fulfill?

A year may seem like a long time to wait for your Be. brush, but to put it in perspective - our team has brought literally hundreds of products to market, and the average time it takes to do it successfully is 18 months from start to finish. We are pushing really hard to get this done in 12 and if we get it done sooner, you will be the first to know!

How do I stop it if I don't want to brush for 2 minutes?

Great question, the only thing that is different about using the Be. brush is that you have to give it a twist before you use it, otherwise, you just use it like it's your favorite electric toothbrush. To turn it off, just hit the power button. Note that you have some power left in your brush, so the next time you use it, you may not need to give it the full 2 twists.

The brush refills are biodegradable?

Yes! We have put so much effort into creating a commodity product that has little to no impact on the environment, our brush refills are compostable and biodegradable, when you are done with them you can toss them in the compost, in your trash or just bury them! They take around 270 days to decompose.

When can I expect to receive my Be.?

We will be diligently updating our post-campaign status, we want everyone who helped us reach our goal to have transparency on where we are at in the process. Right now, the plan is to have all of the kickstarter backers their Be.'s in-hand by December 2018.

How do I use the Be. brush?

It's super easy - Step 1: put a pea-sized dab of toothpaste on the bristles, Step 2 : give the dial on the bottom end of the brush 2 full twists, Step 3: press down on the power button - that's it!

What is Binchotan?

Binchotan is essentially the best version of activated charcoal, which has been used for decades in things like air and water purification. Activated charcoal helps eliminate foul odors in your mouth, as well as balance the pH and fight the germs that cause gingivitis and tooth decay.

I thought Binchotan Charcoal Bristles were black?

You may notice that in some pictures we are using white and blue bristles, and in others we are using black bristles. Why is this? These are all prototypes, so we are using the materials we have on-hand at the moment, but in the production units, the bristles will indeed be Black, activated charcoal infused bristles.