Proven Technology to Stop Hair Loss & Stimulate Growth.

Regrow Helmet is the safest, most advanced hair growth system with dense laser coverage and microscopes for hair growth tracking.

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ReGrow: Prevent Loss & Stimulate New Hair Growth Toronto, Ontario Scientifically proven technology to stop hair loss and stimulate new hair growth in men and women.
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Prevents Thinning Hair and Pattern Balding

ReGrow's preventative laser treatments counteracts male pattern baldness or female alopecia with hair miniaturization reversal and follicle shrinkage laser to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation.

Reduces Hair Loss and Stabilizes Hair Thinning

ReGrow's integrated cameras and microscopes monitor current hair levels and to quantify amounts of hair loss while thickening, repairing, and reactivating existing follicles to stop hair loss within 2-3 months.

Reactivates Dormant Bulbs for Hair Growth

ReGrow's laser hair therapy helmet achieves maximum cellular activation with 187 low level lasers that penetrate deep into your scalp to promote new hair growth within 3-6 months by stimulating existing hair bulbs.

Sophisticated Technology to Accelerate Hair Growth

Regrow's high quality, densely packed laser hair growth helmet is coupled with comprehensive app for qualitative and quantitative regrowth tracking.

Lady Using ReGrow Laser Helmet While Sitting

Al-In-One Hair Growth Solution

Prevent Balding, Reduce Loss, and Reactivate Hair Growth
Man Connects to Spotify while using ReGrow

Hair Growth Result Monitoring

Monitor Quantitative Hair Growth and Qualitative Thickening
Man shaves face in front of mirror with ReGrow

Low Level Laser Hair Treatment

High Performance Lasers with Lowest Cost Per Laser Affordability
Lady Runs Fingers Through Hair after using ReGrow

FDA Cleared and Non-Invasive

Scientifically Proven, Deep Scalp Stimulation for Results


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