Portable Charging with Zero Cables.

The Prelude wireless powerbank 'sticks' on your smartphone and conveniently charges your devices without any cords or cases required.

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Prelude: Portable Wireless Charging with Zero Cables Los Angeles, CA Finally, wireless charging means cord-free charging. Simply stick to your smartphone and power up while you talk without pesky cables.
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Zero Cord Portable Wireless Charging

The Prelude portable powerbank has a 5,000mAH battery capacity with 15W max output capable of supporting fast-charging technologies on Apple iPhones, Samsung's, and more while charging devices cord-free using qi-enabled wireless technology.

Uninhibited Wireless Charging Design

Whether talking on the phone, playing the latest mobile games, or streaming your music at the gym, the Prelude battery pack was specifically designed to power your devices while actively using those notorious battery draining apps.

No Charger Add-Ons or Magnets Needed

Unlike other similar type devices that use magnets, tapes, or require add-on attachments to charger, our Prelude uses microscopic nano suction cups to safely secure its ultra-light, 5oz powerbank to the backside of smartphones.


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Completely Wireless Power

Charge any QI-Enabled devices using Bezalel's portable battery and pad.

Convenient & Secure Attaching

Unique nano-suction technology secures Bezalel's Prelude battery to any phone.

Simultaneously Charge and Use

Bezalel is compact and cord-free so you can charge, type, and talk wire-free.

No Battery Loss Music Streams

Save power by attaching Prelude to your bluetooth audio streaming smartphone.