underwater drone kit by BW Space

Submersible Drone Kit for Underwater Photography.

BW Space captures stunning photos and videos with its 4K underwater drone diving camera and easy remote operated submarine controls.

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BW-Space: Smartest & Most Affordable Underwater Drone Los Angeles, CA Anyone can capture amazing underwater photography with BW-Space's auto-adjust lighting, autonomous piloting modes, and 4K camera.
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Underwater ROV Controller with iPad Viewer

Easy Underwater Drone Piloting

BW Space's drone controller is familiar for beginners or experts to operate.
Underwater Drone Photo of Fish and Reef

Stunning Underwater Camera

Capture at 4k/UHD with BW Space's real-time live preview underwater camera.
ROV Underwater Tether

Long Range Underwater Tether

Launch BW Space from shore or boat with tether to dive 100m deep and 150m away.
Custom Drone Carrying Case

Waterproof ROV Drone Case

BW Space's high quality portable case protects drone and components in travel.

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