underwater drone kit by BW Space

Submersible Drone Kit for Underwater Photography.

BW Space captures stunning photos and videos with its 4K underwater drone diving camera and easy remote operated submarine controls.

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BW-Space by Youcan Robot

Smart & Affordable Submersible Drone with 4K Camera for Underwater Exploration.

The Smartest ROV Underwater Drone

We've perfected our second generation drone with smart features of aerial quadcopters.

By integrating smarter and more autonomous technology with underwater robotics, Youcan Robot opens the door to nearly anyone to photograph, research, or explore the world's oceans or lakes.

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Smart Underwater Drone Tech

BW-Space is the first underwater drone with smart imaging, tracking, and lighting technologies for effortless piloting and videography.

Amazing Underwater Photography

It's easy to capture UHD photos or 4K video with BW Space's waterproof diving camera and underwater drone photography app.

Brilliant Design & Engineering

BW-Space's underwater robot has enough power and control to conquer the most demanding of commercial dives, yet designed for everyone.

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    “What better way to spend a day at the beach than taking well-illuminated 4K underwater videos or 12MP underwater photo stills of the depths, right?”
    Luke Dormehl
    BW-Space UUV Review — Digtial Trends

A Smarter Underwater Drone

By integrating smarter and more autonomous technology with underwater robotics, Youcan Robot opens the door to nearly anyone to explore.

Underwater Image Recognition

When the Intelligent Tracking Mode is enabled, BW-Space's underwater camera uses cutting-edge image recognition technology to identify any person in view.

Smart Diver Tracking Mode

Once initiated, Intelligent Tracking Mode will automatically follow that person throughout the water wherever they go without any user piloting control required.

Intelligent Underwater Lighting

When the 'Smart Auto-Adjust Lighting Mode' is enabled, BW-Space's powerful Dual LED Lights automatically adjust anywhere from 0 to 1,380 Lumens to maintain optimal lighting.

Stunning Underwater Photography

Even without the autonomy and intelligent lighting, BW-Space's underwater cinematography is impressive with its superior image quality.

4K Waterproof Diving Camera

High-performance professional quality underwater camera is capable of recording 4K HD video (3840×2160 pixels) at 30fps and capturing photos at 12,000,000 pixels

Live Stream Underwater Video

BW-Space's underwater submarine rover instantly transmits live-streaming video from depths up too 100 meters using its WiFi repeater and connected tether.

Underwater Photo/Video App

Camera setting customization and digital image sensor produces extraordinarily clear, sharp digital pictures, and HD video, single shot photo, and/or continuous photo bursts.

Submersible Drone Specs

Youcan Robot developed its second generation UUV using cutting edge submersible drone robotics, ROV tethering, submarine thruster, and waterproof camera housing technologies.

Underwater ROV Robot Tether

Tether Sizes: 50, 100, or 150m, Operating Frequency: 2.4ghz, Max. Transmission Distance: 100m or 328ft, Rated Capacity: 600mAh/28.9Wh

Powerful Underwater Lighting

Lighting Type: Dual LED, Intensity: 0-1380 lumen × 2 adjustable brightness, Color: 90-CRI White, CCT Range: 2600-3200K, Smart Mode: Auto-Adjust Brightness

Submersible UUV Technology

Thrusters: 3 total, Max Power: 300W, YAW Range: -180°~180° + 1° resolution, Pitch Range: -90°~00° + 1° resolution, Compass: 1° resolution, Max Battery: 6800mAH

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  • Waterproof Underwater Drone Case
  • Diving UAV Drone and ROV Controller
  • Diving Camera and Underwater Lighting
  • Remote Diving Camera Controller
  • Green UUV Propeller on BW Space
Waterproof ROV Diving Camera

Sensor: 1/2.5’’ CMOS, Effective Pixels: 12MP, Aperture: F2.0, Focus Length: 5MM, Video Resolution: 4K (3840x2160 30fps), Min. Dimension: 0.3m

Underwater Drone AUV Case

Custom BW Spaces waterproof backpack carrying case with compartments for all equipment with rollers and pulling arm.

Underwater ROV Controller

Control: App or Remote, System: Android or iOS, Bluetooth: 2.0 SPP (Android) or 4.0 BLE (iOS), Functions: Dual Stick + Pad, Devices: Tablets or Smartphone

Featured BW-Space Package

Order our best underwater drone package with extended diving up to 100 meters deep and 150 meters in range.

Additional BW-Space UUV Drone Packages

Customize your underwater drone to fit your needs best by selecting the tether length and controller option.

Preorder Delivery Timeline

Learn what we've completed and what is in process of being completed for each step within our production timeline.

☑ = Completed | ☐ = In Progress

☑ PHASE ONE — Product Review & Factory Engagement

Completed ☑ on October 25th, 2017 with approvals on estimated material cost/quantity, tentative production timeline, engineer verifications and factory selection with the green light to move forward on Design & Prototyping.

☑ PHASE TWO — Design Blueprints & Prototyping

Completed ☑ on April 29th, 2018 with approvals on 2D/3D files, initial prototype, blueprint, certifications and final design with the green light to move forward on Tooling, First Article Inspection and Sample Testing.

☑ PHASE THREE — Tooling, FA Inspection & Testing

Completed ☑ on June 15th, 2018 with approvals on tooling, samples, material quantity, cost, assembly process and third party certifications with green light to move forward on Shipping & Packaging Development.

☑ PHASE FOUR — Shipping Package Development

Completed ☑ on July 15th, 2018 with approvals on designing, sizing, drop-testing and production. Quality testing continues to ensure workers are trained to latest standards.

☑ PHASE FIVE — Pilot Production & Quality Inspection

BW Space currently working on Pilot Production & Delivery in October 2018 with an estimated timeline of 30-45 days for material preparation, product inspection and quality test

☐ PHASE SIX — Mass Production & Backer Delivery

Scheduled to start in October 2018 on with approvals on material preparation, product inspection and quality tests to begin shipping to backers.

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Got A Question?

Check out some frequently asked questions about BW-Space drones.

  • What are the differences between BW Space and BW 1?

    BW1 does not include auto-tracking, BW Space is the first of our line that offers this feature. BW Space also includes automatic light adjustment with BW Space having 2 1380lm LED lights, while BW1 is has 1 1200lm bulb.

  • Does BW Space can track any sea creatures in smart tracking mode?

    No, at present, BW Space's intelligent tracking mode is intelligent tracking of people's appearance, which can track divers and swimmers, and can not track the unique forms of any sea creatures.

  • Can BW Space track multiple people simultaneously in smart tracking mode?

    No, BW Space can only try to lock one person in the picture, when you turn on smart tracking mode. If there are multiple people in the screen, it may not be possible to lock on your target person. If the smart tracking mode is enabled, multiple similar objects appear on the screen, which may result in the failure of the smart tracking mode. Manual control needs to be enabled to restart the smart tracking function.

  • What is the valid range of target recognition in intelligent tracking mode?


  • Can BW Space automatically avoid obstacles?

    No, it is not currently possible to automatically avoid obstacles.

  • How does BW Space's automatic light adjustment function work?

    After turning on the automatic light adjustment function, BW Space can automatically adjust the brightness of the light according to the external light perception, making the shooting smoother.

  • What is the use of the tether?

    The tether is used to transmit the BW Space's video signal to the WIFI base station. Because video signals can not be transmitted in water, cables are needed to keep underwater and surface communications. At the same time the tether can also prevent the loss of BW Space.

  • What is the maximum working time for BW Space?

    BW Space can reach 5 hours of battery life under normal use. Because BW Space is neutral buoyancy, BW Space can shoot up to 7 hours with less propeller work.

  • What is the capacity of the BW Space’s SD card? Can users change it independently?

    The built-in SD card of BW Space is 64G or 128G, and users cannot change it independently.

  • Where can I get the app to control BW Space?

    The app is available for iPhone/Android phone/iPad/Android pad and is available from the App Store & Google Play.

  • What is the BW Space’s tether strength?

    The work tensile strength is 50kgf, fracture work intensity is160kgf. If BW Space is out of power, you can pull the tether to recover it.

  • Does BW Space ship to my country? How much is the shipping fee?

    We ship worldwide! Shipping to the US /Japan/China (except Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) is free. Shipping to the rest of the world is $30.

  • Can BW Space's battery be replaced?

    Yes, BW Space's internal lithium battery can be replaced to extend the life of the drone.

  • Do I have to pay VAT/GST?

    VAT/GST has already included in the product price.But customs duties and fees duties,import taxes are assessed by local government based on the destination.

  • What should I do after operating BW Space in the sea?

    BW Space needs to be flushed in fresh water after it is operating in salt water. Although all parts of the BW Space are treated with anti-rust treatment, flushing in fresh water can better protect the lens, propeller and other component