Everyday Carry Backpack for Commuters or Travelers

Tech Savvy Bags for your Everyday Carry

Xactly Backpacks are intelligent with modern gadget enthusiast conveniences for everyday carry, workday commutes, or extended travels.

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Kickstarter Smart Backpack for Technophiles

Everyday Packs Designed for Techies and Travelers

Xactly's smart backpack technology and intelligent storage are carefully selected to suit your workday commute, weekend getaway, or longer travels.

Backpack with modern smart device essentials

Built-In Technology

Xactly Backpacks are designed especially for on-the-go technophiles with external charge ports and QI Wireless pad that's connected to its internal power bank using clutter-free cable pass through holes and channeling tunnels throughout the bag's interior.

Smart Backpack with Technology Built-In

Intelligently Organized

Xactly's top-loading, central cavity, and concealed pocket compartments are for easy on-the-go access of your everyday carry's but also equipped with popular gadget specific-sized padded storage, organized cord pockets, and even earbud magnets.

Workday Commuter Backpack with Gadget Storage

Travel-Ready Design

Xactly features unique elements on its 25L Daily, 35L Weekender, and 45L Travel bags like overhead bin side-access, anti-bump bottle pocket, stash pockets, multi-tip chargers, multi-function hideaway straps, suitcase handle passthrough, and more.

Smarter Backpacks Designed for your Everyday Carry

Xactly optimizes modern smart device and technology essentials with more intelligently designed storage and accessibility to create your daily carry bag.

Gadget Friendly Technology on Smart Backpack

A Technology & Gadget Driven Backpack

Xactly's smart backpack integrates tech into its bag for easy use and carries of everyday gadgets.

Gadget Friendly Design — Pass-Through Cable Ports, Wireless Charging Pocket, Top-Loaded Standalone Epicenter, Wired Cord Tunnels, Popular Gadget-Sized Pockets, and more.

Integrated Technology — Wired Power Bank, QI Wireless Charging Pad, Wired or Wireless Earbuds, Multi-Tip Charging Cable, Dual USB-A/C External Ports, and more.

Spacious storage for gadgets, clothes, and work.

A Convenient & Spacious EDC Backpack

Xactly's intelligently designed backpack features comfort, convenience, and access for on the go.

Intelligent Internal Storage — Removable Electronics, Padded Laptop Sleeve, Bump-Proof Water Bottle Pocket, Cable Management Loops, TSA Quick-Stash Pouch, Top-Loading Storage, and more.

Concealed Convenience — Multi-function Straps, Key Tether, Hideaway Straps, Theft-Proof Latches, Magnetic Earbud Holder, Carry-On Bin Access Panels, Hideaway Valuables Pouch, and more.

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Xactly Smart Backpack
Tech & Design Specs

Not only is Xactly intelligently designed, but they're also engineered and manufactured using only the highest grade premium materials.

(3) Backpack Sizes

25L (daily) for work or commutes, 35L (1-2 days) for overnight or weekends, 45L (3-5 days) for travel

Bluetooth or Wired Audio

True Wireless Earbuds with magnetic charge case or carry strap wired earbuds with volume and mic control

Multi-function Straps

Each bag doubles as a duffel bag with shoulder straps, carry handles, and multiple sturdy carrying options

  • Wireless Charging Pocket on Xactly Smart Bag
  • Smartphone Charging Backpack with Powerbank
  • External USB-C and USB-A Backpack Charge Ports
  • Top Loading Tech Pouch on Xactly Backpack
  • Carry-On Luggage Suitcase Handle Backpack Holder
  • Computer Backpack for Laptop Charging
  • iPhone Charging from Xactly Smart Charging Bag
QI Wireless Powerbank

Removable 10,000mAh QI-Wireless charging power bank with USB-C and USB-A wired charging cords built-in

Input/Output Technology

Built-in external USB-C/A connectors for internal/ external charging with water-resistant exterior ports

Materials & Compenents

100% sustainable Jacquard 'FLyknit' panels, Woojin hardware, YKK zipper/pulls, and recycled polyester

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A Backpack with Modern Functions for Everyday Life

Designed to blend modern convenience and intelligent storage, Xactly is your new daily backpack for around town, workday, commutes, and weekend travel.

Charging Phone with Xactly Backpack while Walking

On-The-Go Wired Charging

Charge while walking using the quick exterior charger or tunnel cords internally
USB-C and USB-A External Ports on Xactly Backpack

Dual USB A+C External Ports

Xactly logo pops out when you need a charge and retracts back when not using

Standalone Tech Epicenter

Access go-to gadgets, charger, and multi-tip cord separate from primary storage

45L Backpacker Travel Bag

Supports 3-5 days of travel with a carry-on luggage and duffel bag hybrid design
Xactly Work and Travel Bag at Subway Station

Unique Work/Travel Features

Each is similar in core design, but each bag is unique with features to fit size
Internal Audio Wire Earbud Cord Tunnel on Backpack

Cable Concealing Earbud Pads

Tunnels hide wires while strap magnets secure wired/wireless earbuds, not in use
Kickstarter Smart Backpack for Technophiles

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