Triple Bristle Electric Toothbrush in Bathroom

Effortless Brushing in 40 Seconds.

With an innovate three-sided brush head and sonic vibration, the Triple Bristle Max cleans all of your teeth in 40 seconds for a brighter smile.

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Triple Bristle Max with Three Brush Heads

Cleaner Teeth in 1/3 of the Time

Designed by Dentist, Dr. Max Babiner, DMD, Triple Bristle Max is the only three-sided sonic toothbrush that wraps around the entire tooth for an effortless brushing experience.

Trible Bristle's Three Sided Brush Head Cleaning

Patented Triple-Brush Head

Unlike other brushes that miss about 30% of your teeth, Triple Bristle Max's three independent heads flex and adapt to the shape and size of teeth for 100% coverage. The brush sweeps plaque from the gum line of the front, top and often-missed back of your teeth for a deep clean every time.

Close up of Triple Bristle's 5 Cleaning Modes

Two Minute Sonic Cleaning

Triple Bristle Max features with a 30-second quadrant timer to coach you to spend enough time on teeth cleaning. Thanks to microbubble-forming sonic vibration, if you're pressed for time,10 seconds per quadrant gets you a better clean over standard toothbrushes.

Triple Bristle Max Cleaning Teeth on Man

Expertly Selected Bristles

Triple Bristle Max silver nitrate infused antibacterial bristles are soft enough for teeth, gums and dental work, but firm enough plaque and engage the gum line. To keep your brush heads and bristles fresh, heads come with indicator bristles that go from blue to white when it's time to change.

Dentist Designed, Dentist Approved

"We've adapted the toothbrush to people rather than having people trying to adapt to the brush. With the Max you get a better clean and decrease the chance of periodontal disease." ~ Max Babiner, DMD

Triple Bristle Max Whitening Tip Put on Brush

Three Brush Heads For the Ultimate Clean

  • Three-Sided Brush Head — Patented full-tooth coverage for a better clean
  • Compact Charcoal Head— Three sided and smaller in size built for detoxifying and whitening
  • Touch-up Whitening Tip — Easily remove surface stains and perfect your smile

Triple Bristle Brush heads are infused with anti-bacterial silver nitrite and with bristles selected to be soft on gums and enamel.

Triple Bristle Max being used by Girl in Mirror

Five Modes of Sonic Cleaning

At our highest intensity, Deep, the Triple Bristle Max delivers 48,000 vibrations for an incredible clean.

  • Gums — Softer for daily gum care and works well with the Three Sided Brush head or Compact Charcoal Head
  • White — Removes surface stains and helps whiten, best when used with Compact Charcoal Head or Whitening Tip
  • Deep — Most powerful setting with up to 48,000 strokes per minute for a clean you have to feel to believe
  • Massage — Soft vibration with pulsating stimulation for your gums
  • Sensitive — Our softest setting ideal for sensitive teeth and people new to sonic brushing

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Three-Sided Sonic Toothbrush Tech Specs

Triple Bristle Max is Dentist-designed with three brush heads to choose from, powerful vibration and extra features to provide quick and long lasting dental benefits.

Three-Sided Brush Head

Wraps around the front, top and back of tooth with silver-infused antibacterial bristles for a better clean.

Touch-Up Whitening Head

Single sided with whitening bristles that help remove surface stains when paired with whitening brush mode.

Smart Quadrant Timer

For two-minute brushing cycles, quadrant timer pauses every 30 seconds, letting users know when to move to next quadrant.

  • Close up of Triple Bristle Max Three-Sided Head
  • Triple Bristle Max with three different brush head
Compact Charcoal Head

Black charcoal infused bristles with blue indicators that fit small mouths or help with whitening and detox.

Five Sonic Modes

With up to 48,000 vibrations per minute, choose between Gums, Whitening, Deep, Massage and Sensitive.

Long-Lasting Battery

Two-month battery life and waterproof design let you mount in the shower, or take on trips with included durable travel case.

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Triple Bristle Max with Travel Case and accessory

Long Battery & Travel Case

Take Triple Bristle Max anywhere with durable mesh case and two-month battery.
Triple Bristle Max in Modern Bathroom

Five Modes of Sonic Cleaning

Packing up to 48,000 vibrations per minute for a satisfying deep clean.
Triple Bristle Max Nano suction mount in shower.

Save Precious Counter Space

Use the waterproof Triple Bristle Max in the shower with nano suction mount.
Triple Bristle charging on bathroom counter top

Sleek, Stunning Design

Triple Bristle Max blends incredible brushing technology with modern aesthetic.
Triple Bristle Max with Three Brush Heads

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