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Palm-Sized, Full-HD Pico Projector Cube

PicoCube's tiny Android powered, true wireless micro-projection cube has full HD video to portably stream anything, anywhere.

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Project Anything, Anywhere, and From Any Device

Despite its ultra-small size, PicoCube projects wired or wireless visuals from your smartphone, laptop, or built-in OS to sizes up to 100 inches.

PicoCube Streaming iPhone Lightning  USB Cable

High Quality Audio & Video Streaming

PicoCube's 200lm LED light system is projected by DLP (digital light processing) and can project sharp, 1080p HD video to sizes of 7" to 100" inches with an 8ft range and includes built-in Hi-Fi audio speakers that can play for up to 2 hours on a single charge.

Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 PicoCube iPhone Projector

Native Play or Smart Device Mirroring

PicoCube's Android OS allows downloading of 1,000's of apps to play directly from the device via remote or easily connects to and mirrors any iOS (Airplay or USB), Android (Miracast), or laptop computer (Bluetooth or USB) to stream nearly anything, anywhere.

Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 PicoCube iPhone Projector

Endless Wireless & Wired Connections

PicoCube's connectivity allows independent usage via 5.0 GHz WiFi or 16gb built-in memory using a remote/mouse or via phone/computer with a wired lightning cable to USB-A input ports or truly wirelessly with Bluetooth 4.0 or smartphone mirroring.

Portable Projection Power for Business or Pleasure

PicoCube gives business professionals zero 'setup' out of office presentations while giving movie lovers HD streaming video entertainment anywhere.

Remote Control Business Presentation by PicoCube

Meetings & Documents Presented with PicoCube

Project your next out of office business meeting on any surface like a pro with no setup needed.

PicoCube allows any business professional quick and independent setup to project nearly any type of business document or presentation directly from their laptops hard drive, online website, or files saved directly to the projectors internal memory with the ability to control by laptop mouse or projector remote.

PicoCube in Car Watching Movie on Roof

Portable Movies & Games Streamed with PicoCube

Project entertainment to sizes of 8.3 feet while camping, traveling, or on bedroom ceilings.

PicoCube can project any app from your phone or internal operation system allowing you access to 1,000's of online apps for movies like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Sling, or Amazon, entertainment apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or BuzzFeed, and games like Fortnite or PS4, XBox, or Nintendo Switch consoles.

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Palm-Sized Pico Projector Specs

PicoCube's ultra-compact size, shape, and connectivity hides a great degree of complexity that makes it the best pico projector on the market.

200 ANSI Lumen

Incredible brightness and clarity in a small package, PicoCube Ace projects crystal clear visuals with ease.

2 Hour Playtime

Using the latest in DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology for low power consumption, enjoy feature-length playback for your favorite content.

Easy to Control

Whether using the included infrared remote control or tactile buttons PicoCube Ace is easy to control and navigate.

  • Holding PicoCube Projector with Tiny Tripod
Android Operating System

Built on Android 7.1.2 OS with a powerful processor and RAM, use Google's most popular operating system to easily control your portable theater.

High Fidelity Audio

Whether it's through the built-in speaker or the 3.5mm audio jack to use your own sound system when watching your content.

Works With Any Device

Whether your connection is via Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, using Airplay (iOS) or Miracast (Android), PicoCube Ace uses the latest standards.

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