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Hangtime not only protects your smartphone, it upgrades function and convenience as an everyday carry or adventure travel accessory.

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Accessorize Any Size Phone

Hangtime's super stretchy durable silicone easily secures to any smartphone big or small to prevent accidents, add convenience, and upgrade usability.

Upgraded Conveniences for Lazy Day Relaxation

Hangtime's features aren't only for the adventurous, it's perfectly suited for adding extra convenience on a lazy afternoon by keeping your phone hanging right where its suppose to be.

Accident-Free & Worry-Free Phone Protection

Hangtime's ultra-reliable polycarbonate clasp prevents phone mishaps by tightly securing its 4ft stretch urethane coil to denim, leather, neoprene, Gore-Tex, etc so you'll be worry-free and accident-free on any adventure.

Expanded Capabilities While in the Moment

Hangtime alleviates your fears and allows for the worry-free luxury of keeping your smartphone closer to the action so you'll never miss that once in a lifetime shot or even be ready for an emergency.

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Ready for adventure, Hangtime's durability and charm fit your active lifestyle.

Silicone harness

The KOALA was designed to stretch and hug any smart phone, including the latest from Apple or Samsung with or without a case.

Eco-Friendly Materials

To minimize our footprint, we work with environmentally ethical factories and all packaging is minimal, re-usable, and recyclable.

Coiled Urethane Tether

Durable and tear resistant, we made sure our tether can stretch up to 4 feet keeping it safe from drops.

  • Hangtime adapts to fit almost any smartphone.
  • KOALA by Hangtime Keeps Smartphones Safe
  • KOALA uses a high-density Polycarbonate Clasp
  • Koala by Hangtime fits Android Smartphones
  • HANGTIME KOALA wraps around Apple iPhones
  • Universal KOALA Smartphone Accessory
Polycarbonate clasp

Attach to your gear or any article of clothing with a solid monkey-like grip. Our 5-teeth clasp holds tighter the more you pull on them.

Camera Friendly

We've optimized our design to avoid the camera on many popular smartphones as much as possible so KOALA doesn't get in your way.

100% Worry-Free Warranty

Life sucks sometimes, if the KOALA breaks defending you phone's life, we'll replace it no questions asked.

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Woman Takes Photo on Ski Lift with Hangtime KOALA

Camera Friendly Design

KOALA wraps around your phone while keeping your rear camera at the ready.
KOALA attaches to a variety of fabrics.

Strong, Poly-Carbonate Clasp

KOALA grips onto almost any fabric, including outdoor-specific like GORE-TEX.
Hangtime KOALA is Built for Mountain Bikers

Strong Silicone Harness

Able to fit around any of today's smartphone including Apple or Android.
Children can use Hangtime KOALA to keep phone safe

100% Worry-Free Warranty

If KOALA breaks defending you phone's life, we'll replace it no questions asked.

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