Hiuni start gazing telescope

A Smart, Connected GoTo Telescope

Hiuni's Cassegrain designed telescope makes stargazing easy with its accompanying app and automatic, motorized GoTo alignment.

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Smart Auto-Locating & Self-Guiding Telescope

Hiuni offers superior deep light imaging with advanced computerized and motorized technology to easily find, align, view, and learn.

App connected Telescope by Hiuni

Smart Computerized Telescope

The Hiuni telescope connects to the interactive app and internal Star Database to learn, capture photos, find recommended viewing points, and automatically locate objects in the sky.

Auto-Align Telescope Kickstarter

Motorized Auto Calibration

Hiuni automatically aims the telescope to objects you've selected in the app while continuously auto-adjusting its alignment based on location and the earth's rotation for optimal viewing.

Hiuni Optics Closeup

Cassegrain Designed Optics

The compact optical tube design retains focal length and image quality by using double mirrors and an integrated camera to reflect light and capture the best quality images even when zoomed in.

A Telescope for Beginners and Expert Astronomers

Hiuni is a compact telescope designed for both seasoned stargazers and newcomers to astronomy. With the educational app, every user has the chance to explore the stars like a pro.

Portable Telescope for Amatuer Astronomers

A smart telescope makes amatuer astronomy easy.

Hiuni is a telescope designed for astronomy enthusiast and experts alike.

With the Hiuni Smart Telescope, amateur astronomers are always connected, allowing them to plan upcoming astronomical space events for best viewing at home or away. Easily capture and share images of deep space object with friends, family, and other stargazers using Hiuni’s accompanying app.

Learn with computerized telescope app

An interactive telescope app for STEM learning.

Hiuni is the best telescope to get kids excited about science and astronomy.

Our computerized telescope and educational app engage kids and teach them the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through video, imagery, and auditory learning lessons. Through lessons, discoveries, stories, and tours full of exciting content, your kids can be engaged with space with or without the telescope being active.

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Hiuni Smart Telescope
Technical Specs

An incredibly affordable telescope for everyone with precision optics, motorized alignment, and connected computerized functionalities.

Computerized Telescope

App Controls, Go-To, Star Tracking, Automated Star Alignment, Dual Sensor Alignment, Celestial Vision Alignment leverages Hiuni's SkyMap database and location hardware.

Telescope Hardware

Motorized Alt-Az Mount, Wireless Joystick, Dual Sensors, Aptina MT9P031 Sensor, 2592x1944 Resolution, GPS, Accelerometer, Magnetometer.

Main Barrel Optics

Cassegrain Design, 152.4mm Aperture, 280mm Barrel, .27° View Angle, 1,524mm Focal Length, 10 Ratio, 12.8 Stellar Magnitude.

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  • smart glass lens telescope kickstarter
Motorized Telescope

Two motors control Hiuni's positioning. Use its computerized, GoTo auto-aligning feature or control with in-app joystick in the live Sky View.

Smart Features

Plate-solving, Good to See Guide, Image Stacking (Deep Light Imaging), Dual Live View, Share View, Local Sky Map Database, Auto Electronic Focuser, One Touch Live View.

Connected Telescope App

Connect to an existing access point (home WiFi) or create new network when one isn’t available to access 5,000+ objects in its Offline Sky Map Database.

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Hiuni App Connected Telescope

Wireless Connected Telescope

Allows users in colder regions to use Hiuni remotely while staying indoors.
Hiuni Telescope Astronomy Calendar

Interactive Family Fun

Hiuni’s alerts you of astronomical space events with its ‘good to see’ guides.
STEM Education Telescope App

A Fun Way to Learn Astronomy

Hiuni will hook your kids on astronomy even when the telescope is not in use.
Hiuni Smart Telescope Camping

Compact and Durable for Travel

Hiuni is designed to be rugged, allowing you to bring it camping.

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