Personal Coach On Your Wrist

An intelligent smartwatch that helps you reduce stress, improve performance and manage health.
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Analyze Your Body 24/7 With VIITA Watch

Scan your bodies vital signs, get personalized training tips, and choose your own style.


VIITA Scan uses hundreds of data points read from your body to ascertain your stress levels. Updates are pulled up to 80 times per second based on your heart rate, heart rate variability and your movements with our self-learning algorithm designed specifically for the VIITA Watch.


The VIITA Watch comes in two styles: VIITA Active and VIITA Casual. Both offer a wide variety of strap colors and material, as well as bezel color and design options. The VIITA Watch is an unobtrusive smartwatch that doesn’t compromise the classic timepiece style, perfect for training and everyday wear.


VIITA Coach provides intelligent and personalized training recommendations that are tailored to the needs of your body. VIITA Coach will tell you whether cardio or interval training, heavy or light weights are what you need depending on the stress levels your body experiences throughout the day.

Made To Manage Your Health

Your smartwatch helps you count steps and track burnt calories but does it really understand your body? VIITA not only determines your current stress levels and regeneration status, but also provides you with detailed personalized training recommendations to live a healthier life.

VIITA Active

The VIITA Active is designed for those who live an active lifestyle comprised of working out and keeping physically fit. VIITA Active comes with an OLED color touchscreen, built-in GPS, and two additional features.

The My Challenge feature allows you to set your goals (distance, time, speed) and track in real time if you are ahead or behind your target thanks to the built-in GPS sensor. The My Sets feature lets you determine the perfect timing between your resting periods and sets, to optimize your muscle growth.

VIITA Casual

The VIITA Casual is a hybrid smartwatch with a classic dial combined with a digital black and white display, designed for those who want to keep track of their health, but also want a functional, everyday watch.

Do you find yourself leading a busy and stressed work life? Use the VIITA Casual to track your stress levels and offer a solution for a happier and healthier you. The VIITA Casual does not have GPS tracking, My Challenge, or My Sets.

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VIITA dehydration calculates the amount of water you should consume everyday and let's you know when you need to hydrate.


Through the VIITA app you can decide when and about what you want to be notified. Receive personal calls, WhatsApp, text messages, and more.

iOS & Android App

Access all features, fitness and sleep results in easy to read charts, settings, and notifications straight from our VIITA app to your VIITA watch.


VIITA Awake analyzes your personal sleep patterns, waking you up during your lightest sleep period feeling refreshed.

Heart Rate Sensor

With a state of the art heart rate sensor, VIITA is capable of a 20 Hz scanning rate, while also measuring your heart rate variability.

Battery Life

With customized 530mAh and 385mAh lithium-ion batteries, both the VIITA Active and VIITA casual stayed charged up to 2 weeks.

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