Convert Any Bike to an Electric Bike

Replace your bike wheel with the UrbanX Electric E-Bike Wheel for 30 mile range & 20 mph top speed.
UrbanX E-Bike Wheel | Convert Any Bike to an Electric Bike

Save $380 off the $699 retail price for a limited time.

240w Motor E-Bike Wheel

Our eco-friendly 240 watt motor has top speeds of 15mph and 30 miles range with 3 levels of Pedal Assist or Full-Electric.


UrbanX Reviews
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See What The Experts Are Saying About UrbanX:

  • With an all-in-one electric bike wheel, which includes the motor and the battery in one unit, it's possible to own a drop-in e-bike wheel that can be quickly installed or removed, depending on how or where you're riding, without having to own a completely new bike.

    TREEHUGGER - UrbanX Review
    Derek Markham
  • UrbanX boasts 350 watts of power, a 20 MPH top speed, and 30-mile range on a single battery, according to the company. They’ve packed that into just 15 pounds. Perhaps most impressive of all is the company’s claim that it takes just 60 seconds to attach the UrbanX.

    DIGITAL TRENDS - UrbanX Review
    Dyllan Furness
  • Crafted out of aviation-grade aluminum and weighs in at a slim 15 pounds, so it won’t make your bike uncomfortably difficult to handle.The light weight doesn’t mean the team skimped on strength, as the wheel is rated to handle up to 300 pound (136 kilogram) loads.

    CLEANTECNICA - UrbanX Review
  • While UrbanX is not the first to come up with a design that puts the motor on a wheel -- the Copenhagen Wheel has that honor -- it's a lot cheaper compared with the Copenhagen Wheel's $699 price tag. Retailing at $299, UrbanX converts you bike into a 15 mph beast.

    CNET - UrbanX Review
    Aloysius Low

Don't Buy An Expensive Electric-Only Bike...

Make your favorite bike you own an ebike with a 30 mile range and a 20mph top speed in 60 seconds.

Top Speed - 20 mph

Max Range - 30 Miles

Max Power - 350 Watts

  • Electric bike motor and battery on UrbanX ebike wheel
  • Install the UrbanX electric bike wheel
  • Electric bike kit handle bar throttle
  • Bicycle converted to ebike by UrbanX
Fits 99% Of All Bikes

UrbanX comes in 7 sizes, engineered to fit 99% of all bikes and works with either rim or disc brakes.

Powerful Front Motor

Available in a 350W electric motor and a 240W electric motor so it's street legal in nearly every country.

Thumb Throttle

Full electric mode allows you to cruise at 20 MPH by only pushing the thumb throttle with no pedaling.

Pedal Assist System

The first ever eBike wheel with a 3 level PAS, and is easily switched between Full-Electric, Pedal Assist & Traditional Pedaling.

Efficiency Algorithm

UrbanX works smarter, not harder by using an algorithm to ensure 100% of motor output is utilized to power your ride.

60 Second Install

Remove the front wheel, replace with the UrbanX wheel that requires only a wrench, screwdriver & one minute of time.

Motor Features

Superior Hardware & Performance.

With 350w of power, UrbanX can tackle the toughest terrain, on road or off road.

UrbanX Smart E-Bike Wheel has enough torque to get your up the hilly city streets in San Francisco while commuting to work or go ahead, convert your mountain bike or road bike to an electric and get a little bit of extra help from our 350 watt motors along the way.

Two Powerful Front Drive Electric Bike Motors

Deciding which is right for you is easy based on your location and how fast you want to go.

Powerful 350W Electric Motor - USA Street Legal - UrbanX's most powerful 350W motor has a top speed of 20mph with a max range of 30 miles and is street legal in the United States.

Standard 240W Electric Motor - USA/EU Street Legal - Our 240W motor has a top speed of 15mph with a max range of 30 miles and is street legal in the UK, EU, USA, etc.


Energy Efficient In Any Riding Mode.

The UrbanX energy efficiency algorithms allow for a compact and lightweight drive-train that allows for full-electric or traditional pedaling with a 3 level hybrid assist option.

UrbanX has 3 Riding Modes with Pedal Assist (PAS) Having 3 levels of Assistance.

With pedal assist mode, UrbanX senses your pedaling, and the motor kicks in to help based on how fast you pedal and your selection of the 3 levels of assistance in the UrbanX app.

  • Full-Electric Mode - Sit back, relax and press the throttle down on your new eBike and allow the UrbanX Electric Wheel do all of the work.
  • Pedal Assist Mode - Your bike will now sense you pedaling and how fast, activating one of the three levels of PAS (low, medium, high) you've selected.
  • Traditional Bike Mode - With our front wheel motor your traditional bike it pedals as it normally would, not affecting your chains, gears or pedals like most eBikes.

The more you choose to pedal and the lower the level of assistance selected, the more range you can expect and you can always take a spare battery with you for longer rides.

Patent-Pending Energy Efficiency Algorithm.

The secret to UrbanX's small size is that it works smarter, not harder by using an algorithm to ensure 100% of motor output is utilized to power your ride. With the UrbanX eBike battery and motor working smarter, we can minimize size and increase range.

By using our patent-pending Sinus Algorithm Controlling System to convert electric energy that's stored in the battery to kinetic energy from the motion of your wheel, UrbanX is able to minimize energy loss, increase output and ultimately extend the riding range of your battery.

Installing & Using

Easy to Install and Easy to Operate.

Converting your traditional bike into an electric bike is hassle-free with an UrbanX Smart Wheel.

Install UrbanX in under a minute, swap out batteries in one simple click and squeeze the throttle to go. It works great on road bikes, mountain bikes, bmx bikes, beach cruisers, etc...

3 Step Easy Installation

The UrbanX Electric Wheel requires only a wrench, a screwdriver & 60 seconds to install.

UrbanX will fit 99% of bicycles on the market and is installed in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Swap Out Front Wheel
Step 2: Secure Throttle To Handlebar
Step 3: Connect Wheel To Throttle Cable

To see the full installation process, click here to watch our 60 second installation video.


Ride With Ease On Any Bike Style.

UrbanX is the first and only electric bike wheel with 7 sizes allowing you to simply push the throttle on any style bike: beach cruiser, bmx, mountain bike, etc...

UrbanX is available in 7 sizes that cover 99% of the global bike market.

UrbanX is available in 7 sizes; 20", 24”, 26”, 27.5”, 29", 650c & 700c that cover 99% of the global bike market. Unlike most other add-on electric options, UrbanX also works with both rim and disc brakes and any tire you choose that fits the rim size.

In advance of our June 2017 shipping date (just in time for summer!), we'll send a survey asking for your bike’s brake type and wheel size, ensuring you'll get the right's that easy.

UrbanX is easy to operate, simply charge, click and push the throttle.

The one-click removable ebike battery is compact, allowing you to charge it anywhere and then click it back into your UrbanX Smart Electric Bike Wheel. Easily double your range in seconds by tossing an extra fresh battery in your backpack or saddle bag then swap the new for the old in a single click.

To accelerate in Full-Electric Mode, simply pull back on the thumb throttle. If you choose to only want a pedal assist only bicycle and not full electric, you have the option to not install the throttle and select 1 of 3 levels of Pedal Assist Mode via your mobile app.

Select Your UrbanX Model

Includes phone mount, tire, charger & throttle.

UrbanX E-Bike Wheel | Convert Any Bike to an Electric Bike
240w Motor E-Bike Wheel

Our eco-friendly 240 watt motor has top speeds of 15mph and 30 miles range with 3 levels of Pedal Assist or Full-Electric.


UrbanX E-Bike Wheel | Convert Any Bike to an Electric Bike
350w Motor E-Bike Wheel

Our most powerful 350 watt motor has top speeds of 20mph and 30 miles range with 3 levels of Pedal Assist or Full-Electric.


UrbanX E-Bike Wheel | Convert Any Bike to an Electric Bike
240w Motor EU Legal Wheel

Our European Legal 240 watt motor has top speeds of 15mph and 30 miles range with no throttle for 3 levels of Pedal Assist.



UrbanX E-Bike Wheel Tech Specs

Performance, battery, weight, connectivity & more.

Top Speed: 15mph (25kmh) for UrbanX Eco, 20mph (33kmh) for UrbanX Booster

Motor Power: 240W for UrbanX Eco, 350W for UrbanX Booster

Speed Levels: 3 levels

Battery: Lithium Ion Battery (Manufacturer TBD - Panasonic or Sanyo or LG) – 36V, 3500mAH, 126WH

Charge Time: ~1.5Hrs

Battery Life: 1000 Cycles

Range: Up to 30miles (50km)

Supportable Brake Types: Both Rim Brake and Disc Brake

Supportable Rim SIze: 20/24/26/27.5/29” & 650/700c

Dropout Size: International Standard 100mm

Weight: 15lbs (7kg) Max Load: 300lbs (135kg)

Material: Aviation Aluminium

Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0)

App OS: iOS/Android

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

UrbanX Electric Bike Gallery

Check out a few images of the UrbanX E-Bike Wheel up-close and on different style bikes.

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UrbanX Team & History

Our founder Eric has 7 years of experience in the traditional Electric Bike Trading and has served customers from all around the world. In that time, he learned that each customer has their own unique idea of the perfect E-bike design. Most cyclists have their own favorite bikes lying at home. Eric decided to develop a kit that could make full use of customer’s own bikes and electrify them without sacrificing any functionality or aesthetics.

Eric Chow
Eric Chow
Founder & CTO at UrbanX

Eric graduated from world-renowned Nanyang Technological University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. As founder and Chief Technology Officer at UrbanX, Eric oversees the company vision and growth strategies in addition to it's ebike technologies. As an electric bike industry veteran, Eric has 10 years of experience in traditional ebike trading having founded Grouplus International Pte Ltd where he managed everything from sourcing to selling ebikes.

Aberdeen Gini
Aberdeen Gini
Industrial Design at UrbanX

Aberdeen is an Industrial Designer at UrbanX where he oversees the products appearance and structural design, turning concepts into 3D CAD drawings. He spent 7 years as a structural designer at the leading bike manufacturer MISSLE and world-class electric bike company Sime Technology in advance of his role at UrbanX. In these roles, Aberdeen reviewed and designed hundreds of bike patterns, analyzing the structural strength of every part of the bike frames and choosing appropriate materials for the bikes.

Contact Eric, Aberdeen and the team at UrbanX:

Feel free to shoot us an email with any questions, comments or ideas...

31 Woodlands Close

E: [email protected]
P: +65 62933505

Shop the UrbanX Wheel Options

Select from the 240w Eco-Friendly, 350w Most Powerful & EU Street Legal UrbanX models.


Get Your UrbanX Accessories

If you pre-ordered on Kickstarter, buy your accessories now to be shipped with your order.

UrbanX E-Bike Wheel | Convert Any Bike to an Electric Bike
Extra UrbanX Lithium Ion Battery

Double your range with an removable battery by tossing a full one in your backpack. See tech specs for battery details.


UrbanX E-Bike Wheel | Convert Any Bike to an Electric Bike
Optional Stainless Steel Torque Arm

A torque arm adds extra insurance against motor spinning out of drop-out mounts by transferring rotation from motor to frame.


UrbanX E-Bike Wheel | Convert Any Bike to an Electric Bike
Throttle To Motor 3.3ft Extension Cable

Extend our standard 4ft throttle cable (included with UrbanX order) with our 3.3ft throttle extension cable for larger bikes.



UrbanX Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about warranty, legalities, sizing, usage and more...

  • Why is UrbanX so reasonably price?

    By making the best use of your own existing bike frames to turn your bike into an electric bike, you are helping us achieve that dream.

  • Is it hard to assemble UrbanX to my bike?

    UrbanX is designed to make it easy to electrify your existing bike. It is just a few screws to get is changed and fully functional. Most users would be able to do it in under 60s. Watch the video here:

  • Does UrbanX work on my bike’s disc brakes, rim brakes?

    The UrbanX wheels are compatible with both disc brakes and rim brakes. Just let us know your brake type when will sending out the survey link.

  • What are advantages of direct drive over other types?

    There are pretty a lot to write. But just for a quick summary, there are mainly two advantages over those friction contact system or chain drive system: 1. No energy loss è higher battery efficiency. There are heavy energy loss during the power transmission from the driving motor to the wheel for friction drive system - - 2. No maintenance required. For those friction drive and chain drive system, the friction parts are easily worn out and need get replaced regularly.

  • Is UrbanX suitable to use if raining or snowing?

    Yes. UrbanX’s housing is completely waterproof so it’s totally safe to use it in rain or snow. But we are not saying that it can be submerged into water.

  • How to operate the bike with UrbanX Smart Wheel:

    If you have choice the with throttle version, just get on the bike and press on the throttle, it will run fully automatic. If you have choice the Pedal Assist version, just on the bike and pedal like a normal bike, the power will automatically cut in when it feels your move.

  • Can I change back to my old wheel when I feel like to ride a normal bike?

    Absolutely. You can alternate your old wheel and UrbanX Smart Wheel any time your feel like. Both directions would take less than 1 minute. It is just equivalent you getting 2 bikes, one electric and one normal.

  • How is UrbanX manufactured?

    We have spent lots of time finding the right suppliers and manufacturers and they both have been tested by producing our version 1.0. Our many years experience dealing directly with sourcing companies, factories and shipping companies have helped us a great deal to be able to offer high quality product for the lowest price possible.

  • When can I expect to get my wheel delivered to me?

    We will start deliver your wheel within 3 months maximum from the end of the Kickstarter campaign that ended on April the 24th which is roughly June.

  • How much weight can UrbanX handle?

    UrbanX is build strong and can handle riders up to 300lbs with ease, but that will be much depending on your bike frames as well.

  • Will UrbanX Smart Wheel fits to my bike front fork?

    UrbanX Smart Wheel was designed with the mind of being universal. It fits to any front fork that was built according to the international standard of 100mm dropout size. 99% bikes in the market are following the standard, except those customized ones or Fatbikes.

  • Can UrbanX Smart Wheel be used in my multi-geared bike?

    Absolutely. Smart Wheel is mounted on the front fork while your gear system is on the rear fork. This is another advantage of UrbanX over some other similar products in the market. Your gearing system will not be affected at all.

  • How much does UrbanX weigh?

    It weighs approximately 7 kg (15lbs), including the front spoke, rim and tire. Very limited weight will be added on to your current bike.

  • How long does the UrbanX battery last?

    The battery is built to last on average up to 50 km (30 mi) with the pedal assist, 25km(15 mi) with full electric at per battery per charge. You can always get multiple of our unique detachable batteries and extend your ride to infinite.

  • Can I still bike if the battery runs out of power?

    Of course! If you run out of power, you can cycle as you would do with a regular bicycle.

  • What kind of warranty do you offer?

    All UrbanX bikes and batteries come with a 1- year Limited manufacturer's warranty. We guarantee you receive your UrbanX free of manufacturing defects. We will have 100% AQL inspection levels.Should you encounter any problems during the usage, Simply contact our customer support and we will take care of it.

  • What is your returns-policy?

    This is the "UrbanX-promise": We are so confident that you will love your new UrbanX Wheel so much, that we offer you a 14 days money back guarantee after you have received it, if you are not satisfied. However, if you decide to do so, your MATE bike must be in new and re-sellable condition.

  • What about spare parts? Can any bike shop assist me?

    The spokes, rims and tires adopted on UrbanX Smart Wheel are all standard parts that could be commonly found in any bike shops. For the Motor and battery, our customer service team and local dealers will help you handle them if any problem encountered.

  • Do I need a licence to ride a bike with UrbanX?

    No. Our Electric Wheel are made 100% street legal as per our best of knowledge. We offer two distinctive versions of UrbanX: UrbanX Eco with a 240W motor which is legal in the EU, and UrbanX Booster, with a 350W motor for the US.

  • How do I select the size and color of the wheel when I pre-order

    At the end of the campaign, we will send a survey to all our backers asking you what size, brake type and color you would like. If you ordered more than one wheel, you will be able to specify this for each wheel separately.

  • Where can I find what is my bike's wheel size?

    All the tires have the size marked on the side, e.g 26 x 1.75, 700 x 23c. Just fill in the survey what is marked on your bike's front wheel at the end of the campaign and we will know what to do for the rest.

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