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Compact, All-Terrain & Carries Anything, Anywhere.

UpCart's secret is in the wheels and can tackle any terrain with ease, even your apartment stairs.

UpCart Beach & Sport | World’s Best Off-Road Folding Cart


UpCart Beach & Sport

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Unbelievable Capacity. Incredible Versatility

UpCart Beach & Sport can hold up to 40 gallons of your gear, and will fold down to 4.6" thick in seconds.


UpCart Beach & Sport's jumbo-sized wheels cut through sand and dirt, keeping your belongings well above ground level. It's built tough, with a nickel plated and powder coated steel frame and sealed wheel bearings.


Beach & Sport isn't just great for hitting the surf and catching the game - it's also perfect for picnics, yard work, laundry, groceries, and more. You'll be ready for anything with a cell pouch, pockets, and accessory straps.


Other carrying carts use huge, knobby wheels that take up tons of space. UpCart Beach & Sport is designed to fold down to just 5" thick, with the wheels and our custom designed mesh bag still attached.

Carry Everything

The specially designed mesh bag is easy to clean and holds 40 gallons of your gear. UpCart Beach & Sport can carry up to 77 pounds, so you can strap chairs and accessories to the bag and carry all your gear in one go.

How it Works

The Secret is in the Wheels

Other carts that are meant to be all-terrain use large, wide, knobby wheels to stay on top of loose surfaces. The problem? They give carts a bumpy ride, making them harder to pull, and take up tons of space! UpCart Beach & Sport's 12" diameter wheels are incredibly slim - they cut through sand, dirt, snow, and other loose surfaces with ease, while the cart folds completely flat for easy storage.

Massive Capacity Mesh Bag

Lets sand and dirt slide right out.

The 40 gallon capacity fabric and mesh bag on the UpCart Beach & Sport is easy to detach and clean, and will not interfere with our patented folding mechanism. The fabric provides structural integrity and support where it is needed while the mesh insures that no sand will collect in the bag.

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Tackle Stairs and Curbs with Ease

UpCart Beach & Sport's huge wheels make going up and down stairs simple and effortless, even with a heavy load of gear.

Folds Flat in Seconds

Thanks to our patented folding technology, the UpCart beach & Sport folds and unfolds in just seconds, even fully assembled. No more struggling with uncooperative, bulky handcarts.

UpCart Goes Anywhere

Perfect for Your Next Adventure

The UpCart Beach and Sport is the best way to carry all your things, no matter the scenario.

UpCart is great at the beach, with wheels that cut through sand and accessory straps for your chairs and other oversized gear. It's perfect for sporting events, easily maneuvering over gravel, dirt, grass and debris, and carrying a full team's worth of sporting equipment. You can take it grocery shopping, tote your camping gear to the campsite, do your laundry, or fill it with yard clippings and supplies.

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Open Dimensions

23.6" x 46.4" x 29"

Folded Dimensions

24.9" x 24.8" x 4.6"

UpCart Weight

11.5 lbs

Carrying Capacity

77 lbs / 40 gallons

Meet the Team

Michael P. Reznik
Michael P. Reznik
CEO and Co-Founder

Michael is a Lean Six Sigma, Operations and Management consultant. He sets the sales strategy, manages operations and runs the company day to day. He attended the Ohio State University and spent most of his career in the Fortune 500. Most recently working for Cardinal Health, Nationwide Insurance, and RGIS (a Blackstone company).

Leonid Khodor
Leonid Khodor
President and Co-Founder

Leonid is an engineer with lifetime of experience in creating new products for a broad variety of industries and 30 patented inventions including the UpCart. He is the chief technology officer, whose specific areas are R&D, IP, and manufacturing. He attended The Leningrad Institute of Naval Engineers and holds a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has extensive experience in leading engineering projects and as a patent agent.

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UpCart Beach & Sport | World’s Best Off-Road Folding Cart

UpCart Beach & Sport

Ships for free anywhere in the US! $20 off the $149.95 MSRP!



UpCart Beach & Sport in Action

The most versatile, flattest folding cart on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about the UpCart Beach & Sport? Check out our FAQ below!

  • Is any assembly required?

    NO! The UpCart Beach& Sport comes fully assembled right out of the box. Simply remove from box,unfold in two easy steps and start trekking.

  • What surfaces will the UpCart work on?

    The custom 12-inch wheels are designed specifically for sand, dirt, gravel, grass, snow and softer surfaces. However, the large wheels are also great for stairs, sidewalk curbs, small branches and twigs. The UpCart Beach & Sport is also great for indoor use and works just as well on open and closed stair risers.

  • Are there any instructional videos?

    YES! You can seeinstructional videos at https://upcart.com/videos

  • Can this cart carry beach chairs?

    YES! You can hang two traditional beach carts on the front of the basket. Additionally, you can secure two folding chairs with the accessory straps. So you can carry four chairs in addition to the 40 gallon capacity of the mesh bag.

  • Does the bag come off?

    YES! The durablemesh bag is removable to simplify cleaning.

  • What is the cart made of?

    The steel frame is nickel plated and powder coated for double protection from rust. Steel tubing was used for its combination of strength and light weight. The wheels are made from a reinforced nylon to make them extra durable.

  • What is the Warranty?

    We provide a 30-day money back guarantee and a one (1) year limited warranty. We guarantee you receive your UpCart product free of manufacturing defects and will repair or replace your cart if anything goes wrong in the first year.

  • Can I change or cancel my order?

    You can change your order at any time before it ships. After that, we honor a full money back guarantee in first 30 days

  • How is shipping handled?

    We ship all products via UPS and provide a tracking number via email as part of the shipping confirmation.Please note, we cannot ship to PO BOX or APO / FPO addresses, so please provide a valid home or business US address.

  • Where do you ship?

    We currently only ship within the USA. Will ship anywhere in the continental 48 states for no additional charge.We will also ship to Alaska and Hawaii, but standard shipping rates apply.

  • How much is shipping and handling?

    Shipping and handling, which includes shipping the items to our offices, packing and fulfilling orders will cost: FREE in the DomesticUnited States (excluding Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska) For Hawaii, PuertoRico and Alaska, standard UPS shipping rates will apply

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