Torch M1

The World's Brightest Bike Helmet

Torch M1 is a stylish bike helmet with an integrated rechargeable 500 lumen, 30 degree wide light.
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Brighter Lights For Brighter Paths

Torch M1 achieves increased visibility, safety, and style for trail, rural, and urban riders.

500 Lumen LED Light

The M1's 500 lumen light is designed to sit recessed from the top of the helmet to light your path without bulky mounts. It sits low enough to mount an action camera just behind the light giving you the ability to capture video footage during your rides.

Stylish Design

The M1 is designed with classic clean lines to visually compliment the style of many riders. Whether you're mountain biking, urban riding, or road cycling, the enduro style visor and helmet ventilation adds versatility & comfort for day or nighttime riding.

Durable Materials

The M1 helmet's in-mold construction features a polycarbonate shell with EPS foam to prevent helmet punctures during an impact. The M1 is also equipped with a full wrapped lower edge to keep the EPS foam from tears and water damage.

Safety Has Never Looked This Good

The Torch M1 meets industry CPSC and CE certification requirements, making it the ideal helmet for cyclists looking to put their safety first without compromising their style.


Removable LED Light

Torch M1's low profile integrated light mounting system makes it easy to snap in or remove the headlight in situations when it is not needed or when you need to re-charge the light in preparation for a long day of riding.


30 Degree Wide Light Beam

The M1's 500 Lumen light is not only the brightest integrated helmet light, but also the widest, on the market for its size. With a 30 degree wide horizontal light beam, the M1 is bright enough to light many environments without the risk of blinding other riders or oncoming traffic.

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No Mounting Gear Needed

Mounting light accessories to helmets can be a hassle. The M1's proprietary snap-and-go light system makes it easy to mount and go in seconds.

Aluminum light Housing

The M1's lights are housed in a 6061 grade aluminum body that doubles as a weather/impact resistant housing as well as the lights' heatsink.

Rear Facing Light

The M1's rear-facing red LED light provides added visibility during evening and night riding to ensure drivers can see you as they pass by.

4 LED Light Modes

The M1's 500 Lumen headlight features 4 settings including high, medium, low and a slow pulse mode that riders can adjust with a press of a button.

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