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Fitness Tracker For Any Watch

Smart Buckle upgrades your classic watch with a step, calorie, activity & sleep tracking device.
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The luxury of your watch with fitness tracking

Smart Buckle upgrades the watch you already own to a fitness tracker with style in mind.

Motion & Sleep Sensor

Smart Buckle uses fine tuned motion & sleep tracking sensor data to calculate your steps, pace, distance, calories burned & sleep patterns.

Seamless Style

Without compromising style, Smart Buckle is designed for ease of use, quick installation & healthy lifestyle support.

1 Week Battery Life

The Smart Buckle power management system is optimized to last up to one week after a 60 min charge with 8-10 hours of use per day.

Track activity & sleep with stainless steel design

Curated with high grade stainless steel, Smart Buckle keeps the classic look of your watch buckle while tracking your daily activity, calories burnt & quality of sleep. Ditch the flimsy silicon & rubber wearables for the look you really want.

Design & Material

A watch buckle that keeps up with your active lifestyle & personal style.

The Smart Buckle is embedded with state of the art technology coupled with intelligent software algorithms. Its motion and sleep sensors are fine tuned, optimized to accurately and effectively track your steps, regardless of how you hold your arms. Once tracked, all your data is stored on the Buckle for up to 2 weeks and is synced whenever you pair your Smart Buckle with your phone.

Push all your data to the OS health app of your choice, with your data securely stored in the cloud, easy & accessible through iOS and Android.

Design & Material

Crafted with high grade stainless steel material.

Smart Buckle is engineered to fit seamlessly with standard 20mm leather, rubber or cloth watch bands. You can easily install the Smart Buckle to either a general pin buckle or a deployment/steel clasp buckle with standard spring bar mechanism in 5 minutes.

  • Fashionable.
iOS & Android App

Smart Buckle App is available for both iOS & Android. See your daily, weekly and monthly data in charts with an easy to understand design.

Move & Sleep Mode

Move mode tracks your steps, pace, calories & distance. Sleep mode tracks your light sleep, deep sleep, slept at, woke up at & total sleep time.

Stainless Steel Finish

Smart Buckle is made with high grade stainless steel finish for a luxury look, antiperspirant material for comfort & a scratch free top for everyday protection.

Durable Design

With a waterproof level of IP57, Smart Buckle is both water resistant & dust proof. You can easily wash your hands and run in the rain or wind.

Lithium Ion Battery

The Lithium Ion custom battery stays charged up to one week, only takes 60 minutes to charge & holds up to 15 days of data storage without a sync required.

20mm Strap Fit

Smart Buckle is designed to fit leather, rubber, or cloth straps with a pin buckle or a deployment/steel clasp with the width of 20mm for the best fit.

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