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Active Wear with Built-In Heart-Rate-Monitoring & Heart-Rate-Variability Technology

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Wearable Technology With Your Own Virtual Coach

Reach your fitness goals and streamline your results through accuracy and customized guidance.

Accurate Monitoring

More accurate than wrist monitors, the new Sensoria garment line seamlessly introduces technology into your workout to provide actionable HRM & HRV data without the need for extraneous gadgets.

Comfort & Style

The unique Sensoria design integrates your heart rate monitor directly into your clothing, eliminating slipping & chafing. Each garment features a sleek & functional design that is machine washable.

Smart Tracking

Track your progress & achieve your fitness goals! The Sensoria Fitness app provides real time feedback from your heart rate monitor, tracks HR zone metrics & helps you set short & long term goals.


Whether you are running, spinning, or doing CrossFit, tracking your heart rate can help you excel by creating actionable targets.

Heart Sentinel

"Our new cardiologist designed algorithm will constantly monitor probability of cardiac irregularities during exercise, offering a real-time alert countdown to confirm that you are still conscious, or it alerts your selected family members or friends through text message, urging them to seek help. It may also contribute to locate you through GPS coordinates. You can be the first to benefit from the new algorithm, and you will contribute to refine the Sensoria Fitness app," said Nicola Gaibazzi, MD and Cardiologist at University of Parma Hospital in Italy.

Revolutionary New Material

Each Sensoria garment is made with Emana yarn, a unique & durable blended fabric that uses far infrared technology. Along with keeping you dry, comfortable & protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, Emana yarn improves skin elasticity to reduce the appearance of cellulite & aid with muscle fatigue prevention.

Optimized Design

Sensoria’s proprietary software & sensors enable your garment to be the computer. The breathable, moisture wicking fabric allows you to work out in comfort.

Accurate Measurement

Sensoria garments boosts the accuracy of chest strap heart rate monitors with the unique integrated design that lets you forget you’re wearing one.

Machine Washable

Washable electrodes are embedded in the fabric. Simply remove the heart rate monitor, toss your garment in the washing machine & wash as normal.

Real Time Metrics

Sensoria garments transmit real time metrics to your smartphone or smartwatch. Reach target heart rate levels to make your workout more effective.

Connected & Compatible

Pair with the Sensoria Fitness app to get new training plans, or with any of your existing favorites including MapMyRun, Strava, PolarBeat, Endomondo & more.

Fashion Forward

Sensoria is engineered to provide a comfortable compression feel with a sleek look. Garments are available in blue & red with more colors to come.

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