Rush Luxury Watch

To create something legendary,
you partner with a legend.

A luxury timepiece designed by Georges St. Pierre & Egard Watch.

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A timepiece with the qualities of a champion.

Accuracy, timing, precision, and power—all things needed in fighting and a luxurious watch.

Georges St. Pierre

To honor his MMA career, Georges St. Pierre created a special, signed case limited edition automatic movement timepiece that is the only watch of its kind.

Automatic Movement

Rush runs on the energy you create, no need for a battery or to be hand wound. At 28,800 BPH, Rush offers high precision & 26 jewels for reduced mechanical friction.

Curved Case

Unlike your traditional circular or rectangular watch case, Rush is designed with a two-piece, double-sided curved case to fit the curvature of your wrist comfortably.

Something never before seen in a timepiece.

Teaming up directly with Miyota to modify their 9100 movement, Egard Watches and former welterweight champion GSP set out to create a unique way to tell time.

Rotating Disks

Rush is crafted with rotating disks rather than the traditional hand display for a unique and intricate way to tell time. Rather than ticking hands, the Rush disks rotate where the hands would normally be placed on the face of a watch. Working directly with Miyota, Egard Watch Co. modified the movement to be able to support, carry and move the weight of the disks efficiently and accurately.

Feature Packed

The Rush timepiece offers a day indicator to show what day of the week it is, a date indicator to show what day of the month it is, a month indicator to showcase the month, an AM/PM indicator to represent what time of day it is and a power reserve indicator that lets you know how much charge is left in the watch.

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Limited Edition

All pieces are engraved with Georges' signature and a unique limited edition numbering on the case back.

AA Plating

5 to 10 times thicker than the industry standard for PVD plating, Rush is extremely thick and durable.

Tech Specs

Rush has a case size of 45 mm, case thickness of 13.5mm, lug width of 22mm and is water resistant up to 50m.

Multiple Options

The Rush watch will be offered in Stealth, Aqua, Classic, Night & Rose Gold color options with genuine leather bands.

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