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The No Mess French Press

Rite Press makes coffee a breeze with its removable bottom, integrated thermometer, and timer.

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Great Coffee has Never Been Easier

Enjoy barista level coffee at home by using the Rite Press brew method.

Simple Brew Process

Rite Press takes the guesswork out of the equation. Use the built-in thermometer and hourglass to know the exact water temperature and amount of time to brew the perfect cup.

Extract Perfect Flavor

Use the integrated thermometer to maximize flavor extraction from the coffee bean. Too hot and you burn the coffee, but too cold and the bean doesn't release all its flavor.

Easy Cleanup

The patented removable bottom makes your post-coffee clean up a breeze. No more digging deep to get the grounds out or banging a fragile French press against the trashcan.

Expertly Crafted to last a Lifetime

Materials were carefully chosen to produce the most durable version of the Rite Press so that you can pass it down from generation to generation. Our team of industrial designers and engineers use the most advanced software tools to ensure each of the parts are designed to fit and function perfectly .

Patented Removable Bottom

The filter pushes grounds into the removable bottom so you can easily dump the grounds and rinse with minimal effort. The precisely engineered bottom is designed with two start positions allowing you to easily tighten the bottom with only one full turn. The Rite press also features a medical grade silicon seal to ensure the coffee or grounds don’t drip while in use.

Double Wall Insulation

The double wall construction keeps your coffee hot for up to two hours. Hang out with loved ones and enjoy hot coffee for much longer than a standard glass French Press. No more need for reheating your coffee when your coffee stays hot with the Rite Press.

Built-In Thermometer

Burnt coffee is bad, having to read tiny numbers before you’ve had your first cup...also bad. Our custom designed and manufactured thermometer makes brewing simple. When it hits green, you are ready to brew. The Rite thermometer lives in the shaft of the filter so it’s easy to use and is always on-hand.

Integrated Hourglass

Timing is everything, especially in a coffee press. Both under and over brewing lead to bad tasting coffee. Our built in and simple to use hourglass is set for precisely 3 min and 30 seconds. Use the magnetic hourglass to perfectly time your brew to maximize flavor and consistency.

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