Ride Easy Line

The Portable Snowboard Footrest & Lock

Ride Easy Line is an attachable snowboard footrest
that allows you to chill on any chairlift.

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Maximize your Shred Time on the Slopes

The easy-to-use footrest for snowboarders that takes the weight off. No more ankle pain or numbness.

Self-Retracting Hook

The Ride Easy Line's patented technology keeps you safe on and off the chairlift. When you're ready to get off the chairlift, simply nudge the hook off the bar and watch the hook auto-align as it self-retracts into the housing within one second.

Strength for Wear & Tear

Built with the strongest and most wear resistant plastic and steel materials on the market, the Ride Easy Line can support over 100 lbs of pulling force. It's also snowproof so you can shred hard on the slopes in the toughest conditions.

Snowboard Lock

The Ride Easy Line doubles as a portable snowboard lock so you never have to worry about leaving your board on the racks. At 55 cm long, it can wrap around any rack and multiple boards. Enjoy your lunch and extra time with friends.

The Snowboard Accessory You
Can't Ride Without

Ride Easy Line doubles as board lock when you're grabbing drinks with friends. Enjoy the extra peace of mind knowing your board is safe on the racks.

Ride Higher, Shred Harder

Does your leg go numb on the chairlift? Next time you ride, let the Ride Easy Line carry the weight of your snowboard for you. It installs onto your binding and lets you hook your board onto the chairlift so you can rest your foot as you go up the mountain. With a patented auto-retractable line and an easy-to-remove hook, you won't even notice it's there.

Grab a Drink, Hang Out Longer

The Ride Easy Line also works as a snowboard lock that you'll never leave behind. A steel cable and combination code will protect your board when you head off to lunch. Weighing in at lighter than an iPhone and the same size as a pack of cards, this lightweight, yet durable tool is the ultimate companion to a perfect day out on the slopes.

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  • Sleek and portable design.
  • The ultimate companion for all day on the slopes.
  • A combination dial lock allows your to keep your board safe on the racks.
Durable for Harsh Conditions

Made from PC and POM, the strongest and most wear resistant materials available, the Ride Easy Line supports 100 lbs of pulling force for all size riders. It's also snowproof made to withstand all day shredding.

Secure Attachment to Binding

To attach the Line you can bolt it onto the ankle strap through the adjustment holes or slide it on to the strap with it's belt buckle mechanism. Once it's on, there are no hassles with adjusting it after each run.

Glove-Friendly Combination Dials

The Ride Easy dials are designed to be large and rotate so smoothly that you can enter the combination code with your gloves on. Drop the extra keys and stop losing lock pieces with this safe and easy dial lock.

Lightweight for Performance

Weighing in at just 99 grams, the Ride Easy Line won't change how your board tweaks or rotates. With no noticeable drawbacks to performance, you won't even realize the Ride Easy Line is on your board.

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