The Most Powerful All-In-One Wellness Blanket

The Elements Blanket is the world’s most innovative wellness blanket, made from skin-caring SeaCell™, recovery supporting FDA determined Celliant® technology, and sustainably organic cotton.

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The Yaasa Elements Blanket - Powerful All-in-One Wellness. Santa Barbara, CA Made from skin-caring SeaCell™, recovery supporting FDA determined* Celliant® technology, and sustainably organic cotton.
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The Perfect Balance of Revolutionary Materials

A blanket crafted from the purest elements of nature, creating an experience that enhances and protects your body's wellbeing.

Made With Energy Recycling Celliant®

FDA determined Celliant® fibers increase local blood flow, energy, strength, and endurance by recycling your body’s natural energy and emitting it back into your body.

Enhanced With Skin Protecting SeaCell™

SeaCell™ is made from organic seaweed harvested from the purest shores of Iceland. Seaweed is rich in antioxidants, which can help protect your skin from free radicals.

Blended With 100% Pure Organic Cotton

Our certified organic cotton is sustainably produced, and weaves the softest, most luxurious indulgence into the blanket for ultimate comfort.


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All-In-One Wellness Blanket

Celliant®, SeaCell™, & Organic Cotton, blended to perfection.

Comfort, Protection & Recovery

Revolutionary materials combined for your health and wellness.

Recycles Natural Energy

Recycles your body’s energy into usable infrared light.

FDA Determined* Technology

The power of Celliant® wrapped around you.