Male Hiking Wearing XACTLY Backpack

The Most Intuitive Everyday Backpack

Fully integrated and intuitive backpacks and accessories for everyday wear, engineered to solve the nuances of travel.

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A Backpack That Solves The Nuisances of Travel.

A practical design with functionality at the forefront to accommodate and protect your travel essentials in ways you wish existed sooner.

The Epicenter

The top-loaded compartment that houses both organizational and wireless charging pockets; this space provides a theft-deterrent, fleece-lined space for valuables, and it serves as the main access point for tunneling both wired earbuds and charging cables throughout the bag.

Magnetic Landing Pad

Each strap has a build in magnetic landing pad, perfect for clinging onto your earbuds, simply place your earbuds on your strap for a quick pause of tunes, and the magnetic landing pad will cling to them while you get on with your task. You’ll know XACTLY where your earbuds are at all times.

USB A/C Charging Port

USB A/C built-in connector allows both internal and external charging, with a water-resistant exterior USB A/C charging port. The charging port sits hidden, underneath the XACTLY "X" logo metal plate atop the bag, allowing a garage style retractable cover over the port when it's not in use.

Travel Without Negatively Impacting Our Planet.

We are committed to producing sustainable products and projects that encourage giving, travel, work, play, and fitness for all.

Audio - Intuitive Krypton Wireless Earbuds

Our true wireless earbuds are made from ABS, steel, Jacquard strips, with a slide open magnetic charging case and recycled polyester strap all in a sleek minimalist design. Enjoy 3-4 hours of comfortable listening to the soundtrack of your life’s journey.

Power - Lithium Wireless Charging Pocket

Our integrated wireless charging pocket and 10k mAh Lithium Polymer Wireless Charger allows your phone to successfully charge while safely secured inside the bag’s epicenter. The pocket is built with tech mesh expandable technology, ensuring the snug fit of both the battery and your phone.

Hydration - Expanding Hydrogen Bottle Holder

We designed a lycra-made hydration pocket that expands inward so your bag absorbs the space of your water bottle and your bag maintains it's intended shape. We also offer our Hydrogen 32oz and 20oz double wall stainless steel water bottles with both small and wide mouth opening for ice and cleaning.

Select The Size That Is Right For Your Journey

Choose from our 45L, 35L, and 25L options

No matter if you're a daily commuter, an avid hiker or taking an extended vacation, we have options that will fit your exact needs. Choose between a smaller 25L backpack, medium 35L or our largest bag in the Oxygen line, the Oxygen45 which is designed to comfortably hold 3-5 days worth of travel necessities.

Planet Water Foundation

An Established Partnership You Can Trust.

We believe in a business model where quality, sustainable goods can be sold, and a substantial portion of the proceeds can go directly to help.

We have partnered with the Planet Water Foundation to not only support but participate as a company on projects that provide the world's poorest communities with clean, safe water sources. We're proud of the XACTLY mission, and the purchase of every XACTLY product enables us to carry out a business that doesn't only feel good, but does good.

Pending B Corporation

As a Pending B Corporation, XACTLY is proud to join a movement of businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

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XACTLY Tech Specs

Backpacks And Accessories Technologically Designed For Your Travel & Leisure.

Cable Tunneling

Multiple cable tunnel compartment pass-throughs allow your cables to run internally throughout the bag's epicenter to each side pocket, and from the epicenter to the exterior.

Magnetic Cable Hideaway

The magnetic closure cable hideaways are built into the bag straps and are designed to hide your earbud cables and keep you detangled.

Theft-Deterrent Fleece-Space

Store your valuables with peace-of-mind knowing pick pocketers will not be able to steal your belongings.

Superior Materials

Sourced and manufactured recycled polyester 900D OX material with Carbonate weather resistant coating. A new XACTknit(tm) Jacquard woven material, Woojin hardware and YKK zippers and pulls throughout.

USB Type A & C Ports

USB A/C built-in connector to allow both internal and external charging, along with a water resistant exterior USB A/C charging port.

Magnetic Earbud Landing Pads

Built-in on every strap for temporary secure placement for your wired or wireless earbuds..

All-In-One: Work To Adventure

Perfect for your work bag or your weather-resistant hiking bag.

Carry With Comfort

Reinforced straps and padding for maximum comfort regardless of load.

Organized Cable Compartment

Spend more time enjoying your adventure and less time detangling cords.

Versatile For All Lifestyles

The only backpack you will need for traveling with all your essentials.