15 Minute
Quick Charge Scooter

VehiGo is an advanced electric scooter with 15 minute quick charge, 12 mile range, and rapid foldability.

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ALLLU Vehigo quick charge electric scooter

Revolutionizing Your Ride

VehiGo takes the electric scooter to the next level with its breakthrough in battery technology and connectivity.

Folding electric commuter scooter

One-Second Folding

In one quick and easy movement, you can rapidly fold the VehiGo and take it into the office or coffee shop for a quick recharge.

15 minute fast charging battery

15 min. Quick Charge

Stop worrying about battery life. You can fully recharge the VehiGo's battery in 15 minutes giving you up to 12 miles of distance.

Electric scooter with a social component

Intelligent Introduction

See another VehiGo Rider and exchange numbers through the simple press of a button. Share video with the Alllu community.

Change the Way You Travel

Get out of the car or train and use the 12 mile range to feel the wind against your face.

360 steering for easy maneuverability

Maneuverable and Portable

VehiGo's steering column can spin 360 degrees, allowing you to maneuver easily indoors and around tight obstacles. The ability to fold the VehiGo makes for easy storage in your home or while you venture into the city. The VehiGo will easily fit on the bus or train and can be taken with you on your daily commute.

iOS and Android integrated app

Mobile App Control

Turn on your Alllu VehiGo using the powerful iOS and Android App. With the smartphone app, you can track the GPS location of your device to protect it from theft. Also, use the app to explore footage from other riders and share your own.


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VehiGo's Tech Specs

VehiGo's compact shell hides the complexity that makes it one of the most advanced scooters on the market.

Charging Time

Fully Recharge the VehiGo in 15 minutes.

Top Speed

Cruise around town at 18 MPH (30 KM/H).

Conquer Hills

Climb hills with a 15% grade steepness.

  • Full battery recharge in only 15 minutes.
  • 12 mile range on a single chare
  • Digital key access through your smartphone
  • 18 mph top speeds
  • 15% grade climbing ability
12 Mile Range

Travel up to 12 miles on a single charge.

Weight Capacity

VehiGo can carry up to 330 pounds (150 kg).

Digital Key

Turn your VehiGo on and off using your smartphone.

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12 Mile Range for commuting or touring your city.

12 Mile Range

Zip around town to all the fun spots on a single charge.
15 minute full battery recharge

15 Minute Full Charge

Make a quick stop at a coffee shop and give your VehiGo a full charge.
easy to use, portable e-scooter

Easy to Use

With three points of contact, there is no learning curve. Just jump on and go.
Quick folding and compact for easy storage.


Quickly fold the Vehigo and pull it around like luggage.

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Vehigo quick charging foldable e-scooter