Eyewear with Rearview Mirror

TriEye lets you keep an eye on the road behind with a simple tilt of your head.

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TriEye: Performance Eyewear with a Patented Rearview Mirror Santa Monica, CA TriEye lets you keep an eye on the road behind with a simple tilt of your head.
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Performance Meets
Patented Design

The patented adjustable mirror was built to keep you safer on the road.

Integrated rearview mirror cycling sunglasses

Integrated Mirror

This patented TriEye technology allows for the mirror to be adjusted within the housing for a better fit. The mirror has an anti-fog coating because visibility is key.

Replaceable Lenses Cycling Sunglasses

Replaceable Lenses

The TriEye Sunglasses come with three interchangeable lenses, each made for different environments; clear, smoke grey and Revo mirror-finished.

Durable cycling sunglasses for the road

High Durability

TriEye are made from premium Grilamid TR90 material, which is known for being extremely strong and light. The lenses are polycarbonate for impact resistance.

Visibility is Paramount

We designed TriEye to deliver clear vision ahead and behind.

Rearview mirror cycling glasses with anti-fog

The Mirror

The housing that was custom designed for TriEye has a built in ball socket that allows you to swivel the mirror for the best viewing angle to match your eye.

Just in case you get heated during your workouts, we put an anti-fog coating on the mirror to protect your visibility.

Cycling Swappable lenses

The Lenses

The TriEye Performance sunglasses come with three interchangeable lenses for different riding environments, each with its own built-in mirror.

Use the smoke-tinted shades for all-around performance. Use the clear lens for low-light riding conditions. Use the Revo lens for higher contrast to spot danger on the road ahead.

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TriEye Features

Raising the Bar in Performance Eyewear

Built-In Mirror

The anti-fog rearview mirror increases your vision and road safety.

Removable Lenses

Comes with three lenses each perfected for a different environment.

Air Vents

Four air vents built into the frame help prevent lenses from fogging up.

  • Rearview mirror cycling sunglasses
  • UV400 protection sunglasses
  • Adjustable performance sunglasses

Block out harmful UV rays and keep a clear view on the road ahead.

Adjustable Temples

Metal temples with a rubber exterior allow for the perfect fit and grip.


Lightweight materials were chosen so TriEye can be worn on long rides.

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Swappable cycling lens sunglasses

Full Kit

TriEye comes with everything you need to ride in all conditions.
Performance sunglasses for any ride

Safety and Styling

These sunglasses are the perfect addition to your weekend ride.