A Better Shoe for All Day Wear

Setting a new class in comfort, snibbs are built with custom Ortholite® insoles, robust easy to clean materials and slip resistance.

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Working Hard
For The Hard Working

Built for all day wear and tear, snibbs focused on a plush shoe feel with safety-minded features keep your feet feeling great.

Designed for Work and Play

While snibbs are perfect for work, we wanted to create a new class of shoe that also looks as awesome as it's going to make your feet feel. We set out to create a new shoe that not only looks good but also feels incredible. The material blend keeps it cleaner, longer.

Durable Non-Slip For Mobility

Built for whatever life throws your way, snibbs' non-slip outsole is certified by the industry standard Brungraber Mark II Test and are incredibly easy to clean. The upper material features a breathable water-resistant multi-layered textile perfect for easy cleaning.

Better Than Walking on Clouds

Each pair is carefully crafted with comfort-first traits to keep your feet feeling good all day. A custom Ortholite® Insole provides unparalleled support through a unique multi-layer design. Unlike most shoes, there is a wide toe box and a cushioned heel cup.

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Snibbs is perfect for all day comfort like at work

Fun and Fresh New Look

Giving new life to work shoes, snibbs brings some fun to the workplace.
Non-Slip Bottom For Various Surfaces

Comfort For Life on the Move

With a non-slip outer sole and cloud-like insole keep feet feeling great.
Doctor standing in operating room wearing snibbs.

Stay Standing Longer

The robust midsole and wide toe box help reduce fatigue and pain when standing.
Barber works on a client while rocking snibbs.

Stands Up to Life's Messes

A breathable water-resistant upper makes snibbs hard to stain and easy to clean.

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