Airline Compliant Smart Luggage

SkyValet luggage includes a removable battery, Shark Wheel® technology, magnetic opening, and a wireless charging dock.

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SkyValet - Your Airline Approved Smart Luggage New York, New York Smart Luggage with a Removable Battery, Wireless Charging, Magnetic Front Pocket & Shark Wheels.
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The Smarter Way To Travel

Make your travels more convenient with a built-in wireless phone charger, a removable power bank, app enabled lock and more.

Shark Wheels

The Shark Wheel has been scientifically proven to wheel around obstructions easier than a standard wheel. Its sine wave shape will have less wear than a standard wheel.

Wireless Charging

SkyValet is the world's first luggage with an integrated wireless charging dock compatible with wireless charging enabled devices such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and many more.

Magnetic Front Pocket

SkyValet features a patent pending front pocket that opens with one touch. Access your essentials with ease and say goodbye to zippers, buckles, and clips.

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Smart Luggage You Can Actually Travel With

SkyValet is the only smart luggage that is truly flight regulation compliant with an easily accessible & removable battery to avoid any delays with security.

Avoid Excess Baggage Fees

Integrated weight scale so you can travel smart and avoid hefty luggage fees.

Never Lose Your Luggage Again

The SkyValet tracker & app informs you of your bags location in real-time.

Travel In Style

Available in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your travel needs.

Free Yourself From The Socket

With 2 USB ports and a power bank, SkyValet is the only power supply you need.