The 'No Mess' French Press

Rite Press makes great coffee with a removable bottom, built-in thermometer and hourglass timer.

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Steeping Hourglass

To ensure a perfect cup, timing is everything. The Rite Press hourglass is set precisely for 3:45, which is the ideal coffee brewing time so that you never under or over brew.

Removable Bottom

The biggest problem with a French Press is the cleanup. The Rite Press removable bottom allows for easy cleanup by simply unscrewing and dumping the coffee grounds.

Integrated Thermometer

The Rite Press built-in thermometer has easy to use indicators (blue = too cold, red = too hot, and green = just right) to ensure the right temperature every time.

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Ensure A Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Time

An easy to use and clean coffee press that's intelligently designed for amazing coffee at home.
Double Wall Insulation

The double wall design keeps coffee hot so you can spend more time enjoying it.

Available in Two Sizes

Sizes and material choices: 1 Liter (34oz) Stainless Steel, 1/2 Liter (17oz) Stainless Steel.

Highest Quality Materials

All Rite Press materials, including stainless steel and silicone, are food grade and FDA approved.

Easy Clean Up

The precisely tooled bottom is designed to easily tighten with only one full turn.


Rite Press is made from recyclable materials and is built to last a lifetime.


Our factories ensure safe, responsible working conditions and comply with responsible practices.

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Save up to 80% on Rite Press

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Save up to 80% on Rite Press

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