Pouring Coffee from the Rite French Press

Create Perfect, 'No Mess' Coffee.

Rite Press makes French pressed coffee easy with its 'no mess' removable bottom, built-in thermometer, and steeping timer.

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Rite Press -The 'No Mess' French Press Los Angeles, California Create amazing, full-flavored coffee and tea at home with effortless cleanup in under 4 minutes.
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Steeping Hourglass

To ensure a perfect cup, timing is everything. The Rite Press hourglass is set precisely for 3:45, which is the ideal coffee brewing time so that you never under or over brew.

Removable Bottom

The biggest problem with a French Press is the cleanup. The Rite Press removable bottom allows for easy cleanup by simply unscrewing and dumping the coffee grounds.

Integrated Thermometer

The Rite Press built-in thermometer has easy to use indicators (blue = too cold, red = too hot, and green = just right) to ensure the right temperature every time.

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Built In Coffee Thermometer

Perfect temperature coffee

Create coffee at the perfect temperature with color coded thermometer.

Perfect never burnt coffee

Timer is precisely set for 3.5min so your coffee is never over/under brewed.
Removable Bottom French Press

Cleanup is simple with Rite

Making french press coffee is notorious for its mess...Rite solves the mess.
Rite 1/2 Liter Silver Coffee Press

Rite is available in 2 sizes

Choose between the 1/2 Liter and Full Liter Press in either black or silver.

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