3-In-1 Beverage Bar & Water Purifier

The multi capsule tray supports a wide range of beverage capsules including a designed body without the need for hot/cold water tanks.

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Osmosis 3-in-1 Multi-Capsule Beverage Bar Los Angeles, CA The all-in-one Beverage Bar that supports a wide range of capsules such as K-Cups, Nescafe, Nespresso, Lavazza & more.
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NanoCeram Three Stage Filtration

3-Stage Nanoceram Filtration Technology

Osmosis Beverage Bar comes equipped with the latest NanoCeram® nanofiltration filters that remove particles, chlorine, chemicals, viruses, and heavy metals. The Beverage Bar also removes odors and optimizes the taste of water for safe consumption.

Beverage Bar connects directly to your tap

No Hot/Cold Tank Required

Osmosis Beverage Bar can instantly provide 75c, 85c or 95cc hot water and cold water without the need to be equipped with hot/cold water tanks. Using a hot/cold module prevents secondary contamination that often occurs when using hot/cold water tanks.

Companion smartphone app for monitoring & control

App-Enabled Controls & Monitoring

With the Osmosis Beverage Bar app, you can actively monitor the lifetime of your filters. You can also adjust the water temperature and water pressure to provide the optimum temperature for great tasting coffee, green tea, milk tea, and herbal tea.

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Beverage Bar accompanying smartphone app

Controlled through Your Phone

Get notified for when it is time to swap your filters and gauge water temps.
Used coffee pod internal storage

Cartridge Dust Box

Keeps capsules discreetly out of sight and readily available.
Makes coffee, tea, and filtered water

All Your Drinks, One Appliance

Filtered water, designer coffee, and hot tea all from a single smart device.
Sleek countertop appliance

One Touch Refreshment

Enjoy temperature controlled drinking water with a single button.

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