Fun Wearable with Health Tracking

ÖRing Plus is a new, fun way to track your health with custom vibrations, heart rate measurement, and blood oxygen tracking.

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ÖRing Plus | Sexual Health Wearable Los Angeles, CA ÖRing Plus is a wearable device with custom vibrations as well as tracking features for SpO2, heart rate, and performance.
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Track your heart rate, SpO2, and more.

Live Tracking

ÖRing Plus makes working out way more fun. The companion app tracks your stats - including heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, calories burned, speed, thrust, duration - plus shows real-time challenges and rankings. See how you stack up, stud.

ORing + is made for all sizes.

Built for Everybody

ÖRing Plus is made for him & her, him & him, just her, or simply him! The stretchy silicone accommodates all shapes and sizes, and the shape was designed to hit her in just the right spot. The unique circular pattern makes it ideal for me-time as well.

ORing + custom vibration patterns.

Customizable Patterns

Enhance your experience with ÖRing Plus' custom settings. With five strengths and three pre-set patterns, you can set ÖRing Plus to a teasing or an intense vibe. Still not there? Create your own patterns to your favorite songs or the mood of the evening.

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Oring + for her pleasure

For Her

Choose between three pre-set patterns: Basic, Wave, or Crane.
ORing + for sexual fitness tracking.

Tracking and Ranking

See how you measure up to the competition.
couple holding hands

Fun for All

ORing + is designed to be enjoyed by every one.
Oring + for his pleasure

For Him

Snug fit for any shape, size, or position.