Electric Utility Wagon & Stroller

Orgo is a multi-use micro-mobility solution with electronic controls to easily carry a child, a pet, or cargo (up to 130 lbs.) across all terrains with the touch of a button.

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An Electric, Effortless Joystick Controlled Wagon

Equipped with dual 120W motors (one on each back wheel), 240W output availability allows you to climb uphill easily!

Electric Power

Switch between manual or electric mode based on any situation. Uphill with heavy loads- electric mode will help you climb. To save battery, change to manual mode.

Safe & Easy to Control

The automatic electric braking system allows you to traverse downhill with heavy or precious loads with confidence. Easily navigate with the multi-directional joystick.

Transformable Multi-Use

Orgo functions as both a wagon and a stroller, useful and convenient for anyone. A stroller for kids or fury companions, and a cart for cargo loads up to 130 lbs. safely.

Stylish, Durable, Lightweight Versatility

Low-centered design with trendy matte aluminum alloy construction maximizes strength and comfort of drive.

Durable Aluminum Frame

The well engineered lightweight aluminum folding frame allows for fast and east storage, transport, and adventure reliability.

The seamless aluminum tube frame will withstand the test of time and wear from nearly any excursion you can dream up. The quick auto fold and lock functionality allows for efficient storage when not in use, or easy transportability in any mid-size car. A durable multi-use wagon never looked so good.

Multi-Use Cart or Stroller

So useful and well designed, you can almost imagine the Apollo footage of astronauts traversing the lunar landscape with an Orgo.

Easily move two kids, a fury companion, and luggage (up to 130 lbs.) in any combination on any terrain. Versatile features make converting the Orgo from soccer practice kid hauler to shuttling the weekly haul from farmers market to home a snap. Uphill, downhill, off-road, or smooth asphalt- Orgo has you covered.

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Convenience & Safety

Orgo packs many well-conceived features into a stylish, sleek multi-use cart.

Easy to Climb

Dual lithium ion powered motors (one per rear wheel) allow for easy uphill climbing.

Easy to Fold

Lightweight aluminum construction folds at just the right places making storage a snap.

Electric Brakes

Never lose control of your precious cargo thanks to a misplaced grip and downhill gravity.

Easy to Use

Multi-directional single hand use joystick makes maneuvering around obstacles effortless.

Child Locks

Built-in child safety locks keep Orgo stationary when kids have other adventures in mind.

Suspension System

A sleeping child or carton of eggs never had it so nice with Orgo independent suspension.

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Up to 130 lbs. of Cargo

Powered by 240W

Kid and Companion Ready

Folding Aluminum Frame

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