Sunglasses with Built-In Beats

Through wireless bone conduction technology, MusicLens allows you to cut the cord, listen to high quality music and take calls on the go.

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Listen to Music
Through Stylish Glasses.

The latest trend in fashion with smart bone conduction technology for a stylish look and a supreme audio experience.

Smart Wearing Recognition

MusicLens recognizes your face so it only plays music when you have them on. Take them off, and your music will pause automatically, saving your battery life.

Bone Conduction Technology

Bone-conduction lets high quality sound conduct via skin and bone by vibration for a new way to listen to music, where your hands and ears are free.

Answer Calls Automatically

Using Bluetooth connection, MusicLens will answer your phone call after 5 seconds automatically. To decline the call, simply tap the right side frame.

Ditch Your Earbuds,
Wear Your Music

MusicLens allows you to eliminate the wires & extra bulk. Take your life on-the-go - listen to music or take calls anywhere.

Never Miss a Beat.

Love to listening music all day long? Keep your hands and ears free while you're busy doing life. Your ears remain unplugged, so you can listen to music, answer calls, and hear notifications all from your glasses while still being able to hear the world around you.

With a battery life up to 12 hours, you also never have to worry about your favorite tunes shutting off. Bring MusicLens to the beach, camping, or on your next vacation for non-stop beats on the go.

Safe for you & the Environment.

MusicLens' open ear design is safe and healthy, especially for your ear drums. Our lenses block 95% of UV, IR and Blue Ray light. They also come in 100% sustainable packaging, from the courier box to the case, for more green in the tech & fashion world. 

MusicLens even comes in handy for road safety. Whether you are driving or cycling, you can stay safe and avoid accidents by keeping your hands on the wheel.  

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MusicLens Tech Specs

Designed to give you healthier ears, wireless phone calls, 12 hours of battery life, unparalleled audio experience, combined with an ultralight frame.

Bluetooth Connection

Connect Bluetooth to play music and answer phone calls.

Smart Touch Control

Equipped with a smart sensor for control by one finger touch.

Lightweight Frame

Ultra-light 45g titanium alloy frame comfortable for daily wear.

FM Radio

Access your favorite radio stations for local music or news.

Sound Leak Reduction

For non-disruptive, high quality sound that only you can hear.

Free Music

Free membership to echo music app for access to a new library.

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Multiple Styles

Prescription lens friendly for those who wear glasses daily.
Blonde in Yellow Vogue Style

Be the Fashion Focus

Select the color that matches your vibe.
Man wearing Green Vogue Style

Listen to Music Anywhere

Jam out to your favorite tunes hassle-free wherever you go.
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Hear the World Around You

Open ear design so you're still aware of your surroundings.

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