Frame Changing Eyewear

Morpheye Eyewear system gives you
unlimited choices of color and functionality,
all from ONE frame. Great with or without a prescription.

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Morpheye - Eyewear that Changes in a Snap! Los Angeles, CA Change the look & function of your eyewear with a magnetic snap. Morpheye offers custom style, blue light filter & UV protection.
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Morpheye Titanium custom eyewear

Custom Fit at Home

The titanium frames are cut in a way that they can be adjusted on-the-go without the need of any professional help.

Magnetic Snaps to change the look of your glasses

Magnetic Snaps

Use the magnetic snap-on frames to quickly change your eyeglasses to polarized sunglasses in just one second.

Eye protecting blue light filter

Blue Light Filter

Morpheye's blue light filter remains perfectly clear and can prevent digital eye fatigue and headaches caused by digital screens.

Titanium frame for no snap

Extreme Durability

The titanium frame and nylon Snaps were built to hold their shape.
Space saving flat folding cases.

Case Choices

The Morpheye Case comes in three colors and folds flat to save space.
Eyewear to match your mood and style.

Match Your Mood

Whether you're playful or fashionable, choose the Snap that matches your mood.
Snaps can change the style, color and texture .

Match Your Style

If you're going out or staying in, pick the proper Snap to go with your outfit.

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