All-In-One Modular Luggage & Rack

Lugga's stackable luggage and universal car roof rack system makes traveling easy with TSA approved hardshell suitcases.

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Universal Roof Rack & All-In-One Luggage Solution

The Lugga system secures your belongings with durable suitcases and a space-saving folding rack mounted on the top of your car.

Lugga Roof Luggage System

A Luggage System for Your Car

Save space in your car, and mount luggage to the roof with a space-age system!
Lugga Mounts in 30 Seconds

Install in 30 Seconds

Hit the road sooner with an easy to use mounting system.
A Modular Luggage System

Travel with the Gear You Need.

Lugga fits it's suitcases or gear including kayaks, bicycles, and more.
Lugga Improves Fuel Economy

Reduce Drag When Driving

Lugga innovates better fuel economy and reduced drag with its complete system

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