Smarter, Safer Real Flame Candle

LuDela is the world's first remote-controlled real flame candle with timers, safety features, scent-on-demand and an impactful social mission.

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Enjoy Instant Ambiance, Relaxation and Romance.

LuDela allows you enjoy the real flame ambiance and aromatherapy of traditional candles with increased convenience, safety, flexibility and functionality.

Remote Ignite & Extinguish

LuDela is like a light switch for natural real flame candlelight. Now you can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with the touch of a button and extinguish all your candles instantly as well.

The World’s Safest Candle

Relax and enjoy peace of mind with LuDela’s advanced safety features. LuDela’s Tilt-Extinguish extinguishes the flame on accidental falls while the timer extinguishes your candles when you tell them to.

Perfect Fragrance & Décor

LuDela’s Scent on Demand is the world first scented candle allowing you to choose the fragrance you want, when you want it. Flex-Décor allows you to change the color of your outer shell as the seasons change.

Make Everyday a Special Occasion.

LuDela combines the 5,000-year old art of traditional real flame candles with cutting edge technology to inspire you to make everyday a special occasion.

Instant Relaxation

LuDela’s Instant Ambiance transforms any room in your home into an opportunity in unwind and relax instantly after a hard day of work. The real flame candlelight adds a special warmth and celebration to everyday moments, connections and meals.

Nothing enhances the beauty of you, your home, or your loved ones more than the mesmerizing light of real flame candles.

Better Light, Better Lives

Artificial light at night has a negative affect our bodies natural circadian rhythm. Adding more natural candlelight helps us sleep and live better.

Every time you light your home with LuDela you also illuminate the minds of those in need with a book donation for every candle product sold to bring libraries to underserved communities

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LuDela Features

The LuDela Perfect will illuminate your home with romance.

Remote Ignite & Extinguish

Create Instant Ambiance with the touch of a button.

Timer Extinguish

Increase safety and peace of mind with timed burns.


Change the style or color of your decorative shell.


Relax. The flame blows out when it tilts or falls.

Forever-New™ Décor

LuDela always looks like a beautiful new wax candle.

Scent on Demand™

LuDela lets you add, change, remove scent on demand.

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