The Autonomous Folding Drone

LeveTop is an intelligent drone with a 20 minute flight time, compact portable frame, and 1080P stabilized camera for aerial adventure at any skill level.

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The Small Drone with
Big Possibilities.

LeveTop weighs less than 1lb, has a top speed of 33mph and stays airborne for twice as long as its competitors.

 Quadruple Folding Design

Fold LeveTop's four arms and propellers and stow it in its carry case for convenience and portability on the go.

High Quality Camera

LeveTop uses a digital camera with CMOS technology designed to capture crisp, clear, hands-free footage.

Intelligent Flight

New precision positioning technology allows one click take off and landing. If you don't know how to fly, just tap fly.

The Ultimate Aerial Adventure.

LeveTop takes the cleanest aerial shots with its high quality camera and makes moment sharing on-the-go easier than ever.

Life Through a Lens

Experience everyday moments using the highest quality camera of any drone out there. Once you have your shot, you can easily transfer images and videos to your smartphone with LeveTop's built-in wifi. Edit and share your own aerial footage on YouTube or with friends on Facebook and Instagram instantly.

Piloting Made Easy

One click to take off and one click to land. It doesn't get easier than that. Using motion controlling technology, you can also pilot your LeveTop by tilting your smart phone. For even less effort, preset the drone to keep you in the frame using it's automated GPS, and it will track and follow you autonomously.

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LeveTop Tech Specs

Flight Like Never Before. All the power and function, minus the carrying hassle.

CMOS Technology

With a 16 megapixel effect, LeveTop takes DSLR quality photos without the high price tag.

Motion Controlled

Using your phone as the flight control, tilt left or right to change LeveTop's direction.


Define the area you want to fly in and LeveTop will stay within the boundary you've chosen.

One-Click Flight

A user-friendly app makes it easy to take off and land by tapping your phone screen once.

Auto Tracking

Preset LeveTop to track and follow you autonomously using a GPS and vision positioning.

Moments Sharing

Transfer images straight to your phone using LeveTop's wifi and share on social instantly.

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