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The Future of Fitness Tech

The Wearable Gym by Hyfit brings IoT technology to your workout for the first time. Train smarter, workout harder, and see results sooner.

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Stay motivated by taking the gym with you wherever you go. Adjustable resistance bands and fitness tracking help you set goals, workout effectively, and improve each workout.

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Become a Part of the Movement

You can now train anywhere - on the road, at home or any nearby park. The Hyfit app acts as your own personal trainer, with real time tracking and high intensity workouts.

Resistance Training

Watch video tutorials of how to perform over 250 different workouts and use the app to build custom workouts tailored to your fitness goals with adjustable resistance.

Integrated Tracker

With a suite of built in sensors, you can monitor your heart rate, calories burnt, reps completed, and more, so you can make your workouts smarter.

Ultimate Portability

Unlike other fitness equipment, the Wearable Gym can be taken anywhere. Take your workout outdoors, or add extra power to your gym workouts.

Commit to Your Fitness

The tracking allows you to maintain a workout routine. It also allows you to view your progression. Train, track, and improve with the Wearable Gym.


The Wearable Gym was designed to be easily packed and carried with you wherever you go.


With removable cuffs that are machine washable, the Wearable Gym is ready for anything.

Adjustable Resistance

The Wearable Gym caters to all athletes with the simple slide of the locking mechanism.

Durable Materials

We made the Wearable Gym from high-quality silicone, aluminum, and high density polymers.

See Progress

The tracker shows previous workouts and metrics so you can see how far you have come.


The Wearable Gym lets you focus on the workout while its sensors do all the counting.

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