The Wearable Gym is the future of fitness that creates a motivating program that you can never outperform.

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Challenge Yourself

ADAPTABLE - The Wearable Gym has a patent pending Resistance Adjuster that enables you to adjust to different strength levels. Whether you're a beginner or fitness addict, the Wearable Gym adjusts and grows with you.

Track Your Progress

TRACKING - The Wearable Gym is the first smart workout gear. Your Wearable Gym will tell you how many calories you burned, the number of repetitions in each set, your heart rate, and the resistance strength in each exercise.

Never Miss a Workout

PORTABLE - The Wearable Gym is completely portable. It enables you to workout anywhere. Whether you are traveling, at the gym, or outdoors, you can set up the Wearable Gym for a solid workout anywhere.

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