An Unexpected AI Uprising on Mars...

A clever third person shooter puzzle game with dynamic combat and intricate building system, coming soon to PC and console.

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Discover the Intricate Story

Written by industry veteran Evan Skolnick, previously worked with or led narrative teams behind Star Wars 1313, Dying Light, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Telltale Games series and more.

It is the year 2168. After a century of humanity slowly recovering from near total environmental disaster due to climate change, things are just beginning to settle down. Meanwhile, the Martian colony Ares, founded 42 years earlier as part of one nation’s desperate ploy to make humanity a two-planet species, is in trouble.

Normally self-sufficient, the Ares colony is under siege by an emergent AI that has seized control of many of the base’s systems and most of its construction droids. A subroutine that was designed to use existing Ares tech to automatically catch and/or kill pest species — which were beginning to infest the colony — leaked into the main computer architecture. Now hundreds of surviving colonists are in mortal danger as the AI mindlessly lashes out at anything biological.

A Unique and Exhilarating Single Player Experience

Find out what happened to the Ares colony on Mars in this puzzle driven, combat-heavy narrative story mode.

The Ares Colony

The Martian colony Ares, founded in the year 2126 as part of one nation’s desperate ploy to make humanity a two-planet species, is in trouble.

Intuitive Building

Efficient structure creation while discouraging boxing up and camping. Construct and edit walls without breaking pace with a single movement.

Combat-Heavy Narrative

Play through the powerful story driven campaign with intense combat and building to discover why the construction bots on Mars turned against the human workers.

Hero Syndrome is Competitive Multiplayer

Experience true competitive gameplay with Hero Syndrome's team deathmatch multiplayer with building, aimed at changing how games are developed for eSports and competitive gaming.

Multiplayer Focused on Competitive Play

Balanced Gameplay Promotes True Competition

The development efforts towards multiplayer are purely focused on making an amazing game that rewards skill and strategy rather than random luck. Each player starts with a pre-selected load out of weapons and maps specifically designed for fair competition. Both team and solo matches influence your competitive rank, which will put all players on a numbered global leaderboard based on the only thing that matters: skill. No Bloom. No RNG. All Skill.

4v4 Team Deathmatch

Join a classic competitive team deathmatch mayhem, remixed with the addition of building mechanics.

With the focus firmly on team strategy and smart play, the goal is to make Hero Syndrome into a game which competitive players feel at home. There’s no random loot, farming for resources, or unfair spawn points in the game. Our HeroRank system encourages competitiveness, allowing you to progress through 50 ranks. Be careful though, as you can go both up and down in the ranking based on your in-game performance and record!

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Intuitive Building System

Hero Syndrome

Mars Construction Workers

Hero Syndrome

Ares Colony Base

Hero Syndrome

Ares Colony Base

Hero Syndrome